As much as I love being around friends, loved ones, and family, there are little things I do when I'm alone to recharge. And while I'm still lucky enough to be in one of my favourite cities in the world, my 'recharging rituals' have included listening to my favourite songs while trying to discover mews that I haven't wandered through yet. 

For those of you who don't know, a mew is a street of houses on cobblestones that have been converted from old stables. I was shown these beauties during my return to London last summer

I have found them all over the place, but my little sweet spot for finding new-to-me-mews is the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Which is, admittedly, one of my favourite areas of the city. I was walking the long, long way back from my internship today and I decided to detour through Kensington to relax and mews hunt. 

That's when the craziest little thing happened. 

Things started to look a bit familiar. And street names began ringing bells in my mind. But, I've spent so many hours during the last few weeks searching for mews all over. And, while I bus or ride the tube to work, I almost always walk back. By foot is the best way to see everything. London is so familiar to me that I walked from Hampstead Heath down to Elephant and Castle the other day after my phone had died {meaning no maps or apps} without thinking.

Despite all of this, it wasn't until I took the photo below that I realised where I was.  

I was at my mews. I ran around the corner to check the name of the street. When I saw the sign, I ventured further around the road and looked left. There it was. I was there. I had unintentionally made my way to my first mews, despite having been lost, taking any turn I felt like taking. It made the super long walk home extra special.

I finished my journey home, listening to good music. It started to rain. I felt recharged, so mission accomplished, and I just couldn't help but l smile on the inside. 

 I love London.