how to spend a Sunday afternoon in London for less than £5

You read that right. I'm here to prove that one of the most expensive cities in the world can be affordable {at least for a day}. You just have to know how to play the game right.

Every Sunday during the month of July here in London, Regent Street is blocked off for the Summer Streets Fair series. And, guys, it's the best thing to ever happen to a Sunday since brunch became a thing. Brands come out into with fun activities, free samples, and cheap treats for the public to partake in. After reading about it online, I decided I needed to give it a go. There is nothing to lose if it's FREE, aye?

Anthropologie {swoon} held a florist workshop in partnership with Worm London! Starting at noon, 8 people at a time were taught how to create gorgeous floral arrangements with flowers provided for FREE by professionals at NO COST. Unfortunately, I arrived just as they ran out of flowers. So, I stared at the lucky souls who walked away with beautiful bouquets. Hopefully, this will be on offer next Sunday so that I can bring some back for Chelsey and her flat! 

After becoming a master florist {not, wahh}, I walked to Crabtree & Evelyn where they offered FREE hand massages and FREE Ginger tea. 

Being pampered for FREE was hard work, so I needed to replenish my energy with food. There were many food trucks and snack trucks located at the far end of Regent Street. These were not free, but there were plenty of options for cheap! I purchased a massive Rosemary and Potato Foccacia for £3 from Ole & Steen. It was so big that it filled me up like a sit-down lunch would have. Not to mention it was delicious! 

I wanted to work off the tasty treat I just ate, and luckily Lululemon U.K.  was holding 45-minute workout sessions in partnership with Third Space for FREE! Once I realised that everyone was working out in the middle of Regent Street and not in the studio, I chickened out. Like a total wimp. Instead, I opted for the 'Lululemon Meditation Om the Move' double-decker bus experience! 

That's where I met Sandy, a lawyer from Texas! We were both in line for the 2 p.m. meditation session and bonded over the reserved nature of the British and how London can either be the best city in the world or super hard depending on what filter you're looking through.

The second story of the bus was turned into an oasis. Everyone was given noise-cancelling headphones that only allowed us to hear the voice of our guide. Our guide's name was Michael Townsend Williams and his message seriously spoke to me. 

Williams worked at a fast-paced ad agency in London and took to alcohol as a coping mechanism for the stress his career brought. Eventually, after a string of life-changing events, Williams created BreatheSync. BreatheSync is a FREE mindfulness app that helps you reduce stress and focus yourself. The meditation was exactly what I needed. I set my intentions for the rest of the day without thinking about my lengthy to-do list or any of the other various things on my mind. What I love most about Williams' philosophy is that he believes we would be more productive if we just calmed down.


I've already downloaded it in hopes it will help me keep calm, especially with all the upcoming adventures and changes coming in the next two months. 

After the FREE {and valuable} guided meditation, Sandy and I took our FREE Fiji waters and FREE fresh fruit provided by Lululemon and headed out back into the chaos of the streets! I walked home listening to the Women of the Hour podcast and felt like the day had been a total {cheap} success. 

New friendship? Check! 

Hand massage? Check! 

Mindfulness exercise? Check!

With the swipe of my Oyster card on the bus to get to Regent Street, my day came out to £4.50