5 reasons to visit Berlin, Germany {and no, nightclubs aren't one of them}

I'm not a partier. I'm not saying I'm some pristine angel. My friends can attest to this. There was a time I could skull lemonade and vodka then try and rally for a flight to Auckland {we all know how that went}, but the truth is even in my Ferg Hall days I was just no good at the club life. 

When I headed to Berlin the first thing everyone who isn't a part of my inner-circle asked was "Which techno club you hittin' first?" To which I replied with a massive internal eye-roll and a sigh. I'm just not that cool. 

It's true, Berlin is known as one of the party capitals of Europe. It's drug scene is open and, what I suppose one could consider, thriving. It's the only European capital city that's actually hurting its country's economy {more here}. But, there are many, many things to love about Berlin. And I'm here as an example of someone who enjoyed the city without listening to dubstep on pills. 

1.  The food

Go to Berlin for the food. Seriously. If you go for no other reason than to try the food, you'll be pleased you made the trip. The falafel doner kebab that Bastian ordered for me at his favourite place was superb. I've always said I'd go back to Greece for the falafel {which was life-changing}, but after having a taste of Berlin's...I'd say it's a toss up. I haven't stopped craving a Club Mate since I arrived back in London. I have dreams of the pretzels every day at lunch.  

2. The art scene

I'm not going to pretend I'm "into" art. I can't name  more than 5 Impressionist painters and it's been well-documented that I have no understanding of Modern Art {though I did just go back to the Tate Modern}. However, if you are my opposite and have more culture and class than I seem to, Berlin is your city. It is a true creative hub. There are museums for both contemporary and classical art. There is street art that covers a large percentage of the city. Heck, they've even made art out of the remnants of an old spy station

3. The music scene

If there is a major musical artist you want to see perform live, you can bet you'll find them performing in Berlin. Why? So. Many. Venues. As a city, it has a reputation for rock shows, a raging techno scene, and some of the best open-air stadiums {which serve acoustics} in Europe. It's famously one of U2's favourite cities to perform in. If it's good enough for Bono, it's good enough for me! 

4. The price point

Berlin is not the cheapest destination in Europe. For that, you'll have to go to the likes of Bulgaria or a nation in similar standing. But Berlin is ranked at the top for cheapest cities to dine-out in, ring the New Year in, and spend a weekend break in {estimated two-night stay costs less than £200 total if you're budgeting according to Backpacker Index}. Obviously, my accommodation was FREE, but even before Bastian and his family offered to host me, my research could back up what you'll read online. Compared to the likes of Italy or Switzerland, Berlin, Germany, was a serious treat to the chequebook. 

5. The fashion

There is a reason most of my favourite fashion bloggers are from Berlin-- they know what effortless street style truly is. I was lucky enough to be in Berlin during Berlin Fashion Week this trip, and, guys, the public street exhibitions were insane. Take all my money and make me look like I'm a local Berliner walking the streets casually. Paris may be better known for its fashion, but you could take a photo of almost any true Berliner and plop it in the pages of a magazine. As someone who is trying to consume less {I love to shop}, it was a test of my will power being in Berlin during a week with so many sample sales. 

Not every city will be for every person, but I think it's fair to say that more than just those who like a good rave can find something for them in Berlin!