does Paris have the best hot chocolate in the world?

Much like Laduree in Paris, Angelina Tea Rooms is an establishment filled with lavish treats for those lucky enough to afford them. This place has seen Coco Chanel and's indulgent. 

Let's make something clear: I am not wealthy. At the time of my visit, I was an unpaid intern, paying off her {small, but substantial enough to matter} M.A. loans, who travels the world on a low-to-mid-range budget, cutting costs where she can. Always. 

So, you can imagine how out of place I was waiting in line with my camera, flushed from an afternoon spent running around the city in loafers and not heels. But I never let a little uncomfortability keep me from doing anything I truly want to do. 

I was sat towards the back of the tea rooms at a small table for two. I quickly decided the only thing I wanted to try was the world famous AngelinaAfrican Hot Chocolate. It is famous all over the globe. As I say often, I'm not one for sweets as much as I am one for sodium {chips and guac forever and ever, amen}. I knew that if people flew from around the world to taste Angelina's hot chocolate, it must be something extra special, right? 

The hot chocolate is created using a blend of three different African cocoas from Niger, Ghana, and Côte d'Ivoire. This is said to be what makes the taste of the chocolate so balanced. 

Your visit {even if you only order some hot chocolate} will cost you a pretty penny. My hot chocolate and plain croissant ran my bill up to €12. Not the cheapest "meal" I've had. Though the service was spectacular and I actually never felt like the 'poor girl.' Instead, I was treated like a total princess, even having my napkin placed in my lap for me. 

Is Angelina's African Hot Chocolate the best in the world? No. Bariloche, Argentina's hot chocolate was 10x more delicious. The hot chocolate at Angelina was heavy and, surprisingly, not very sweet. 

But don't take it from me. Go try some for yourself + then let me know what you think!