London calling

I'm currently {like, right now, as I type this} sitting in bed in my family friend's flat watching the sunset as I drink a cup of tea. I'm back. It feels strange more than anything, really. Chelsey has graciously offered to host me while I complete an internship I was more than lucky to London. One of my favourite cities. 

If you ask me why I chose London, I could give you a number of reasons: it's familiar, it's filled with the warm faces of old friends,'s where the headquarters of the NGO I'm over here for are. There are, perhaps, a few other reasons that existed at first, but the main takeaway is this: I could hear the familiar sound of London calling and the timing was {basically, mostly, almost} right. 

My temporary position in South Carolina ended just as the start date of the internship I'm doing here was to start. Then, the start date for a job I've accepted {more on this later} somewhere else in the world fit on the timeline after my internship here in London quite nicely. I worked my ass off and then life lined some exciting shit up for me. I still don't want to get excited, which is ridiculous because I'm here. I guess I'm afraid it isn't real or that good things all too often dissolve. I'm pinching myself, because I'm in London again and it feels surreal. 

I have almost exactly a month to prove myself, network, gain more experience in my field of study, and learn as much as humanly possible. So far, I've made coffee runs, organized a massive pile of books for a car boot sale, and created a lot of spreadsheets to try and streamline filing systems {they. were. shocking}. It's not glamorous, but it's all so worth it. 

London has pulled out absolute stunners as far as weather goes. I wasn't quite prepared for the heat that London has turned on, but it has made for a very sunny welcome these last two days. And has been pretty wonderful for long walks with my mind unplugged and my iPod plugged in. 

It's not all going to be rainbows and butterflies. There will be moments when I feel weary {after staring at spreadsheets and trying to tame the inner-perfectionist I have suddenly manifested out of absolutely nowhere} and maybe a bit in over my head {like carrying coffees for a whole office with two hands through busy London traffic}. But opportunity called and I suppose I've lived life thus far with the philosophy that you have to snatch it up because life is so much shorter than any of us realize.

We have to say the words we mean, seek out our passions, and grab at opportunity when it happens...or that's what they all say, aye? So, there I am. I'm in London. I'm grabbing opportunity and seeking out dreams. Working on the communication part, guys...working on it hard. 

I am more than a little lucky and more than a little happy to be here. I love London. It has a special spot in my heart. I have a really full month ahead of me, and an even busier Autumn coming after that. 

For now though, I hear London calling. So I better try to answer. 

I'll be finishing up posts about Cuba this week! Continuing along with Vinales and my time in the Cuban countryside.