Cuba in photos

I took nearly 1,000 photos during my 6-day stay in Cuba. Most are just snapshots in time that have very little context to anyone but myself. I can't help looking back at them and smiling. 

There was so much beauty everywhere I went in Cuba. The gritty side streets and the gorgeous architecture. It was all overwhelming. Except for the food, that was not good. 

Children playing music with old coffee tins and plastic bottles. Teenagers playing football at the plaza. 
Gorgeous doorways and details. 
Every street was filled with little surprises. Brightlyt painted homes. Classisc cars. Uneven cobblestones. Cute cafes. Tiny churro stands. 
Cathedrals are open to the public and the bells rings throughout the city. 
Coconut ice cream is necessary on hot days, which is all the days in Cuba. 
So many stray dogs laying in the sun. 
Bike wagons carried flowers for sale from alley to alley. 

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