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life lately: 6

life lately: 6

So I was Skyping Keegan {who was with an old friend, Benner}, and Benner was reading my travel apps post in the background. "This is quality shit, T," he said. "You should start your own NGO! That would be the way to rebrand the blog and reintroduce it. Use your platform!" We had a serious laugh at that, because it was 1 a.m. there and I was in a funky sort of just-woke-up-just-made-myself-tea-mood and the whole idea that I have a 'platform' is ludacris. Hell, the fact that I ever made anything come from this blog seems so crazy. I'm not getting sponsored trips to Italy or free Go Pro accessories. But, I've gotten an obnoxious amount of clothing and jewelry, some hotel stays, a few tours, and even some sponsorship dollars. I've been at this for six years. 

I mentioned to my best friend I was feeling... off kilter {sort of like being really happy but also incredibly frustrated by my lack of ability to communicate clearly and also the feeling of I'm-not-foolish-please-know-that-and-be-straight and finally, a feeling of I-can't-believe-how-exciting-life-is-about-to-get-holy-cowwww}. He said he hadn't noticed. At first, I thought maybe that's a good sign-- that all those emotions and feelings haven't shown outwardly to the people I love, exhausting them, ya know? Then I was like, 'Wtf?! Are we that untuned?! Is there a serious disconnect?! There must be, right?!' Let the over-analysis and head-spin begin. 

I decided to lay outside in the 90 heat and read through one of my favourite blogs, co-written by one of my favourite 'Instagrammers.' I stumbled upon this article. It was as if the words were coming out of my own mouth. YASSSS!!!! This is why I created my personal Insta account. To post my favourite, blurry, 420p-type pics from the present and the past. My first few Instagrams were from college. They, like Katherine wrote, had the spectacular signature Instagram frame and 'Walden' filter. There are ones of me from Ruahine smiling my real smile so widely because I was making tea in that shitty kitchen with Double Brown beer cans overflowing out of the recycling and it was home. A majority of those are now archived. Sacred in my Dropbox account for me to look back on if I ever feel sentimental. And that's kind of nice, aye?

Then I thought about the origins of this beast. Webcam pics from my Ferg Hall bedroom, pixeled but precious. The content mostly about the loves of my life-- the people who make it full. I started to look through old photos, which lead me down the rabbit hole of old posts {mostly good for a belly laugh}, and I made a decision. 

I've decided to re-implement the original series from the blog established back in 2011 glory days: life lately. Where I post things like this, the highlights and lowlights of the day/week/month. 

(+) Skyping the lads. I always feel really lucky with the friends I have and the way they make it so easy to stay in touch across a long distance. 

(-) That it took me this long to reinstate this series. It literally took me seeing an 'Active Now' status, going all Girl Boss' Sophia, and then taking the wise words of my boys via Skype and reading a blog post to stumble upon my old posts. Good things are always there, sometimes it just takes time to remember them or find them again. 

(+) Finished Season 2 of Narcos, rewatched McCullin {the documentary} and started Twin Peaks. What can I say? I like watching something before bed and while I'm packing, which I'm almost finished doing {packing, I mean}!! 

(-) War Machine was absolutely a waste of 2 hours, thank goodness I watched it while cleaning my room so that something good came out of it. 

(+) I was sent a video of the time I thought I might be jaundice by Luke and I laughed so hard I cried. Tears. Laughing tears. Then realized that what was really funny was how concerned I look in the video.

(-) Insomnia caused by an abundance of thoughts and a lack of knowing how to communicate them. 

(+/-) The trip I took last week was part fun {getting to see my sister who lives in Zambia, explore a new coffee shop in Rapid, have my first drink in nearly six months with Kyle, get my clothes out of storage!!!} and large part sadness {spending time in a hospital, no sleep, flight delays and long bouts in a car}. 

(+) And leaving. South Carolina has been such a sweet treat. I've honestly loved being here, and that surprised me most of all. I'll be posting a blog soon on the things I've learned these last six months in SC and where I'm off to next! 

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