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meet me in St. Louis...or don't...

meet me in St. Louis...or don't...

Not every place I travel to or pass through steals my heart. I find myself lucky enough to get to go more places than most, but I admit I'm not the kind of 'travel blogger' who thinks everywhere she's ever visited or lived is somehow void of flaws. I'm a naturally happy person, but sometimes I am underwhelmed. And, on the rare occasion, I'm even completely put off. 

I try to chalk it up to not having enough time in a location. Or maybe I didn't do research well enough to know the right places to go. The hidden gems and local experiences I so desperately seek. 

Be it any combination of things-- St. Louis, Missouri did not rev my engine. That kinetic spark I search for. The one I can find just about anywhere no matter how big or small...was lacking here. 

The St. Louis Gateway Arch is impressive. Though, its surrounding area is currently under construction. The city is filled with history, but I didn't feel compelled to learn about it. Busch Stadium and the true American sporting spirit, however, was felt as soon as I saw those big red letters. The Cardinals do it right. People walking around Paddy's in full kit. A buzzing feeling even just walking around the stadium early. 

I didn't hate St. Louis. I couldn't hate it after having spent such little time there. I just know I didn't love it. Admittedly, I know shit all about love. Every time I think I've learned something, I'm proved wrong. So maybe there is a chance I could fall for the Gateway to the West after all. But I don't think it happened this time 'round. I know friendship pretty freakin' well, and I think we could maybe develop one of those bad boys. Maybe. 

Besides baseball, a pretty downtown area, and a fancy stainless steel structure, I'm absolutely positive that there is more than meets the eye in St. Louis. I'm sure of it. Sporting atmosphere + pretty structures + botanical gardens + a bunch of other stuff I'm sure I'm missing = something, right? 

Maybe there was just so much going on in my world that I wasn't any good at noticing the details of a place I so notably pick up on. Maybe I was distracted. Maybe I needed more time there. Maybe I was seeing things I had hoped to be seeing with someone all those summers ago. Probably though, St. Louis reeks of a kind of nostalgic feeling for something that never actually happened. A wistful yearning for memories that could have been created here with someone, but never were so you can't actually miss them, ya know? 

But probably, I only like St. Louis and I'm not in head-over-heels-soul-mate-forever-and-ever-unconditional-love with it. And, guys, that's okay. That kind of lightning only strikes once. We weren't expecting that with St. Louis. We were just expecting...I don't know...something different. More. 

Feel free to let me know what I'm missing in the comments below! I'd love to try it again. 

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