Southern Tea at Hopsewee Plantation

It's Mother's Day here in the U.S., and although I took my mom to New York for her first time last month as an early gift, I wanted to do something on her 'Southern Bucket List' since she's constantly coming with me while I knock things off mine. So, for this 'Sweet Spot' post, I'm taking you all to Hopsewee Plantation for Southern Teatime. 

Reservations //

Reservations are not required prior to your arrival, but they are highly recommended as tables book up weeks in advance. Another perk of booking, besides being guaranteed a table: you get a cute little name plate at your designated seat. When you make a reservation online, you'll be asked to put down a small holding fee. This money works as a deposit. It holds your spot, but the Tea Room owners get to keep it if you don't call to cancel at least 24 hours in advance. If you do show up {why would you not?!}, that money goes towards your total bill. For the two of us, $10 was held and put towards our tea. You receive a confirmation e-mail immediately, which includes information regarding what to wear and what to bring to tea with you. Make a reservation here

Of course, in true Momma Tadlock fashion, we arrived 30 minutes early and were the first guests of the day. If there is one thing my mother is not, it's late! Arriving early wasn't a bad thing! It meant we got to walk around the tea room foyer. The owners have a massive 

Atmosphere //

The atmosphere in the River Oak Tea Room at Hopsewee was relaxing. We showed up while a rainstorm raged outside and you would have never known inside the dining quarters. Everything is served to you on real silver or true, fine China. The tables are covered with vintage linens. You get true Southern hospitality and delicate piano music.  

jacket is faux leather, so calm down

jacket is faux leather, so calm down

Menu options //

There are a variety of menu options available. You can select a proper sit-down meal from their menu or try their traditional tea. We opted for the 'Full Southern Tea.' For $20 {plus the $10 we had paid as a deposit}, we each received:

  • a pot of our tea of our choice
  • a handmade scone of our choice
  • a plate of savories {this was to share}
  • a plate of dessert 'Tea Sweets' 

Gluten free scone options are available, but there is a longer wait time, as these are not made daily with the other scones. They are only baked upon request. There were no vegan options, which I expected, since this establishment's whole mission is to preserve its history and cultural identity. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos tea, while my mother preferred her Pear Spice tea. Both smelled out of this world! I tried the Traditional scone, mom had the Cinnamon Raisin. The tray of savories included Cucumber Sandwiches Sprinkled with Fresh Garden Dill, Spinach Quiche, Parmesan-Peppercorn Crackers with Pesto and Tomato, Salmon Mousse, and Curried Chicken on Gingersnaps with Toasted Coconut Flakes. I obviously didn't eat anything with meat, but my mother said if someone likes spice, they'd enjoy the Curried Chicken. The dessert platter was a Diabetic coma waiting to happen. White Chocolate Cheesecake, Flourless Chocolate Cake, Hand-dipped Chocolate Mints, and Lemon Chess Pie. 

Overall opinion //

My mom and I had the best time. We felt like we got more than our money's worth and were both full upon leaving. We wanted to take a tour of the plantation, but we decided to save the tour for a day when the sun is shining and there aren't severe weather warnings.

I would caution everyone to wear mosquito repellent! They kindly supply some at the door near the entrance for those heading out on the plantation tour, but we were eaten almost immediately after we set foot outside of the car. 

I loved the friendliness of the staff at Hopsewee. We arrived early and they were not annoyed or bothered. Instead, they simply let us explore the Gullah treasures in the foyer. The menu was a bit ambiguous, so we asked many questions. Our server answered all of them, explaining how to get the best deal and most variety of food. When we told the staff I was a blogger, they were more than accommodating while I took pictures.   

Getting to spend the last 6 months with my Mom has been a real blessing. Not just financially. We're quite different people, so getting to learn about who my Mom is as an individual and letting her learn who her daughter has grown into has been something quite special. Trips along the coast, across state lines, and even up to New York have allowed us to create memories I'll keep close to my heart forever. It's a shame you all aren't able to take your mums out to Hopsewee for tea, but I have a consolation prize for you: this Mother's Day, treat your mom {or yourself} to a FREE month of jewelry from Rocksbox by using my code:


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