why you should be in a relationship with Montana

It's Montana Day! And, guys, there is no state I love more than Montana. It's easily the most underrated state in the U.S., although I've not yet been to Alaska. Montana is like all my favourite people. Like my best friend or boyfriend. If you had a checklist of your ideal person {which you should not because people can't live up to that shit}, I promise Montana would tick all the boxes. 

Takes no bullshit? Check. 

No mind games. No cat and mouse nonsense. Montana won't see your message and not reply because it was 'too busy' or 'at work'. Montana tells you like it is. Montana is what Montana is. If you try to be anything less than authentic, Montana is gonna tell you it can see right through you. 'Oh, you're real outdoorsy, huh?' 'Oh you like "camping"?' Montana ain't got no time for anything that isn't real because it is the realest. 

Fiercely independent? Check. 

Montana? Clingy? GTFO. No way. It lets you have your space, respects your independence, and values its own. I've made some of my closest friends in Montana. That being said, I also gave living alone for the first time a try in Montana. I learned that Montana lets you choose-- to be surrounded by quality people, drinking microbrews at The Front or to indulge in independence. Montana gets it because Montana is independent. It's a state that thrives in its open spaces. It gives you fresh air to breathe. Montana knows that real love flourishes in sharing experiences while maintaining freedoms. 

Loyal af? Check. 

Even when I've thought I wouldn't go back, Montana waited patiently, knowing I would change my mind. And every time I drive across the state line, I'm welcomed into Montana's unconditional arms. Montana has seen me at my best {senior year yassss} and my worst {cough last April cough}. Through it all, Montana has stayed with me and remained loyal. Even that time I had a meltdown in a thrift store with Lyndsay and bought a miniature trampoline for our apartment. Yep, Montana is very much 'ride or die'. 

Naturally attractive? Check. 

You're fooling yourself if you say attraction doesn't play a role in who you gravitate towards. Luckily, Montana is naturally good-fucking-looking! Whether your engine gets revved by great plains or snow-capped mountain peaks, Montana is truly aesthetically pleasing. Montana doesn't take an hour to get ready! Montana isn't high maintenance or in need of cosmetics. It embraces its natural allure. 

A sense of humour? Check.  

The time my car broke down in the middle of a blizzard. That time it snowed in June. That time I broke my apartment's window screen and out of nowhere it decided to piss down rain. All Montana punchlines. And Montana makes you realize how funny life can be and the importance of laughing things off. Montana also shows you the power of surrendering that which you can't control and practicing gratitude for what little you can-- like your attitude.  

Trust? Check. 

Montana doesn't get jealous. It's confident that it has everything you need, which it totally does. It's secure with itself. You can drive over the border and flirt with Canada, Montana knows you'll come back. You can fly for cheap to Seattle and tempt yourself with city life. Montana knows you're going to want fresh air and unobstructed views. Montana trusts you wouldn't stray for a random or casual thing. Casual is overrated anyway. 

Happy Montana Day {belated} to all those living the good life in a great state. Value your relationship with the 406 and keep her green, folks!