what I wore to Rainbow Row

I've been slacking on 'outfit' photos and 'style posts', mostly because I'm trying to keep my head above water. It feels like life never slows down for me, but it's a beast of my own creation. This weekend was really no exception, though something about being in Charleston is magically conducive to slowing. 

I have just over two months before my life takes another turn, and I feel a little out of my depth here, folks. But if I've learned anything over the course of my travels and my life, it has been that I can handle it. No matter how much photocopying, faxing, e-mailing, and visits to the notary it all takes. Saturday on Easter weekend I felt ready to put down my 'to do' list and pick up my camera. What better place to do that than in the land of pastel houses and never-ending florals, amirite? 

I spent Saturday morning with Candlefish, a Charleston company I absolutely adore. Then, after realizing I hadn't eaten in...an alarmingly long time...my mother attempted to force feed me all the delicious food that I typically scarf down of my own free will happily for the rest of the afternoon. We strolled past the 'Pineapple Fountain' and observed tourists splashing in the water. We finished our day eating the yummiest vegetarian dinner at Five Loaves. I seriously underestimated the heat and practically melted into the city sidewalk. It was, by all accounts, a day well spent. 

Especially the large chunk of it spent wandering Rainbow Row. It's always a highlight to walk around the candy-coloured houses built so many years ago wondering who lives there now and who dwelled there all that time ago. Rainbow Row is easily one of my favourite blocks in the city. I always get so excited to walk by them, no matter how many times I've seen the houses before. It always feels new. 

It wouldn't be an accurate representation of the day if I said it was entirely without flaw. Upon exiting a beautiful city, after having one of those days that feels so good you can't think of a single complaint, I was hit with a wave of anxiety when I saw...a dead squirrel on the side of the road. I cried and it all kicked off with a dead squirrel. Why? I'll never know.

Then I just felt like 'wtf?!' How could I feel anything but joy after such a wonderful day? Add in waiting in a sort of purgatory to hear from a friend, plus the fact that I had just recovered from high fevers and body aches earlier in the week {thus the ghostly complexion}... it all came together in a sort of uncomfortable and unexplainable feeling that lasted a solid 10 minutes on South 41. 

Ultimately, the anxiety hit hard. It came and then it went. And just like the paperwork and the packing and the waiting and everything else, I handled it. 

Sometimes a shitty feeling hits you on an otherwise perfect day, I suppose. But I look back on the weekend and don't think about the yuck. I think about the sound of Gullah and the smell of honeysuckle. I think of the massive laughs had at Candlefish and all I learned during the workshop. I think of the latitudinarian attitude of the city as a whole. I also think about how glad I am that I didn't wear pants. Because the heat down here is not conducive to pants-wearing. 

I'm just thankful that places like Charleston exist to so that lucky people, like me, could have {nearly} perfect days exploring them, beating out a 10-minute shit mood.

RIP squirrel.  

shoes: Birkenstocks | dress: c/o TopShop | sunglasses + tee: H&M