candle making in Charleston

If you read my post '5 favourite things to do in Charleston', you know that I highly recommend shopping at Candlefish. It's got candles that are scented for places {their London and Wellington candles are spot on}, candles that smell like people {Boyfriend candles, hello yes}, and beautiful things to decorate my imaginary/someday home with. 

I never get bored of Charleston. Being bored is, in general, only for boring people, right Louis C.K.? However, if a city starts to feel a little too comfortable, you might need new ideas to keep things hot and spicy. And in this case, there's hot wax involved {ow ow}!

Insert Candlefish's Candle Making Workshops! A new experience {in this case, candle making} with an old love {in this case, Charleston}-- my absolute favourite, for real. I was given the opportunity to participate in a workshop and so...

...I'm here to give you the juicy details! 

How do I book?

You need a reservation. The easiest way is to book online {here} through Candlefish's website. Select the workshop you'd like to attend on the date and at the time offered. Then pay with your credit card. There is an option to drop into the store and book in person, but if you are planning a trip down you'll want to ensure your reservation ahead of time. Seating is limited and I've heard spots book up well in advance. 

What do I get?

As someone who likes to spend her money experiences, I'm pretty easy going doling out my pennies for something great. $55 might seem steep to you, but when you break it down, it's actually super reasonable. Cheap, even.

Factors to consider when thinking about the price: one candle of the same size costs around $26 at Candlefish and you'll be leaving with two that you made under the guided instruction of a Chandler in scents you pick from a library of over 100 unique smells! The workshop is BYOB and Candlefish provides glassware and chillers for you to sip away! You also learn about the history of the company and their philosophy as a business, something that matters a lot to me. Again, that's guided instruction from an expert, two 9 oz. candles, all the ingredients and equipment necessary, and a refreshment bar to make the day a little more like a party! 

Who should do it?

Everybody! Well, kind of. The workshops are catered to adults, so everybody over the age of 15 is welcomed in warm Southern style. This workshop is ideal for a girls day out or a mother's day gift. In truth, Candlefish sees more women than men at these events, but they love the rare occasions when they have guys come in and make candles with their significant others.

Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, which is why I made my signature smell with scents that remind me of what I love most in the world. Because I love a good calming candle bedside while reading or snuggling up for some Sons of Anarchy {yeah, I'm re-watching the series for the 15th time now after taking a break to binge documentaries, guess I'm in the mood for knowing how a story ends}. 

It's a very hands-on experience. You do everything from mixing and pouring to creating the label for your candles. Your candles are fully wrapped and ready to burn the next morning. You may also pay an extra $12 to have your creations shipped to you. If you're in the area for a few days, I highly recommend spending a morning at Candlefish with the wonderful people who work there. 

Serious 'thank you' to Candlefish and their chandlers!