Santorini in a weekend

Santorini seems to be the honeymoon dream. Upon arriving on the Greek Island in 2014, it was easy to see why. I wasn't on a honeymoon, but I was with Bailey. Even being there with a good girl friend, I could totally see how Santorini whispers romance. 

Here's a quick guide for a weekend spent in Santorini.

How do you get to Santorini?

We caught the early morning ferry from Athens to Fira Town in Santorini. Like, early morning. Our ferry tickets cost €38 for the economy ticket. There was no complimentary WIFI in economy class, but you have the option to purchase WIFI for allocated periods of time.  We bought the hour pass, then spent the rest of our time playing cards and journaling. Yeah, like in a paper journal. I'm old school that way.  

Arrived in the early hours of the morning. Uncaffeinated. 

Arrived in the early hours of the morning. Uncaffeinated. 

Getting around the island

Our accommodation included free pick up from the ferry port to the hotel in a van. An older, handsome Greek man welcomed us in a tweed jacket, offered to help us with our luggage {we had none}, and drove us 10 minutes down winding roads to our beautiful weekend home in Santorini. 

From the hotel, we were given instructions on the bus system for the island. Tickets are quite cheap and are purchased on the bus from the driver. You will need cash and coins for this. There are departures every 30 minutes to Oia, but bus times to Akrotiri and Perissa vary. The bus system proved a bit hit and miss as far as timetable accuracy is concerned. Sometimes the bus would arrive on the dot, other times it would be a few minutes late or early. Alternatively, you can always rent a motorbike. I suggest shopping around for the best bargain rental prices. 

What and where to eat?

To be honest, we didn't eat at any restaurants with signs in English...or signs at all for that matter. Our first night, we enjoyed dinner in a dimly lit restaurant we stumbled into that was located up the road from our accommodation. They offered a very Mediterranean menu and everything we had tasted delicious. The next day I had a giant falafel pita and I've never had better falafel or tzatziki in my life. It's a shame I can't give you the locations of either of these establishments. You'll have to figure this one out on your own! 

What to do?

Watch the sunset at Oia! Oia sits at the northern tip of Santorini island. This town is as picturesque as it gets. If I were ever to go back to Greece, it would be for Santorini. I could have walked the streets of Oia endlessly.  Watching the sunset over the white buildings was something I'll never forget. Magic occurs when you travel to a place and it not only meets but actually exceeds your high expectations. I felt that magic in Oia. 

Dip your toes in the black sand beach at Aikroiri! The museum near the beach was closed {a con of visiting during the off-season}, but my glass was still full. The black sand beach was breathtaking. The way the stunning blue water met the black sand looked like something from a movie. Also not to be missed were the red beaches. Equally as aesthetically pleasing. 

Walk all over! There wasn't a corner we didn't turn down that wasn't worth snapping a photo of. Every alley was colourful. There were surprise cathedrals in unexpected places. Even as it got chilly on the November night stroll, exploring by foot was pleasant. 

Enjoy some wine! I say this as if I'm a vino aficionado. Truth is, I know and stick to what I like. I haven't been a big drinker since my days at Ferg Hall. Also truth: I know very little about wine as an item for consumption or the industry itself. However, a nice glass of Greek wine in such a gorgeous setting is something even those who prefer trying craft beer {me} or sipping tequila {me again} can appreciate. 

Rent a cat! I'm just kidding. Although, you probably could. We played with the puppies on the rooftop of the bookstore instead. 

Santorini made Greece for me. I felt like we were in our own little paradise, filled with delicious food, abandoned streets, and other-worldly views. I've been my share of places, but Santorini is on a short list of destinations that felt like it couldn't be real. Like some surreal alternative place that couldn't actually be real. 

But it is real. It does exist. 

And you should go.