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3 fortunes, 1 Touk

3 fortunes, 1 Touk

I was always a skeptic about psychics, mystics, and spirit guides. Like, a hard skeptic. Truly. That is, until I had 3 fortunes told to me over the span of 2 years in places scattered across the globe that were nearly identical to each other. A monk {who required a translator}, a psychic, a shaman. 

I know what you're thinking. You're rolling your eyes, thinking I'm a total sucker. 'Anyone can come up to you and tell you you're going to be rich and live a long and happy life. Pfft.'

They weren't those kind of fortunes, guys. These 'spiritual advisers'  revealed to me specific ages and even months I'd go through very detailed and personal traumas. None of them were rose-coloured or vague. All of them were given freely. One of them sought me out in a crowd because he felt 'compelled to tell me.' If you're close to me {namely Tash or you were out at Lao Lao garden that night after too many tacos + cheap cocktails}, you know how scary those three readings were. And how accurate

The only good things that came out of the three 'premonitions' were also the only two vague bits.  A) That my short life would be filled with travelling {...since I'd never return to my true home...} and B) that I'd meet a version of myself from a different life {which sounds kind of cool, but also the most ridiculous}. That is, until you learn that meeting a version of yourself from another life is a sign in most spiritual circles that your soul is finding it's way from your body to its resting place. Then it goes from potentially neat and intriguing to really creepy and kind of depressing. 

Self-fulfilling prophecy or not, everything predicted to have happened by now has. Which turned me from cold-hearted skeptic to...well, I just can't say I don't believe anymore. How could I? It's all revealed itself in exact timing. And three people from three very different places telling you three of the exact same story across a span of years...that's more than a coincidence, can we all agree? Even the biggest Grinch could be a bit open-minded about that. Even Luke, arguably the biggest cynic, thought it was bizarre at the very least. 

Then, last year I met Touk. Over the nearly six-months we worked together on the Women's Empowerment Project, I learned a lot about Touk and how similar our lives were. We had had a lot of the same experiences and soon I felt as if she was an older sister, a career mentor, a friend {she'll hate that}, and of sorts. It wasn't until we were chatting over cocktails at a rooftop bar in Hong Kong that it hit 25 I had met the person all 3 of these clairvoyants had spoken to me about. Is Touk a version of me from another life {though different and unique in her own right}? I don't think so, but she's as close as I've ever come. 

So, what does any of this have to do with anything? It was Touk's birthday recently, which made me feel like I needed to celebrate her.. And I couldn't do that properly without writing about how significant she's been to me in the short time I've known her. Touk is wise like I imagine someone who's lived 200 previous lives would be. She's made me see clearly at times when my mind and sometimes, if only for a really brief moment, my heart has been thousands of miles from my physical location.

Laos was incredibly changing, particularly the second time around. Particularly after meeting Touk. I believe that we meet people for a reason and I think the reason I met Touk was to gain clarity about...well, a lot of stuff. Mainly everything. I may have accumulated three fortunes, but there's only one Touk. I'd have it all told to me again as long as I could cross paths with her somewhere in my journey. 

Happy late birthday, Touko! Reunion soon?

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