Cathedral Cove, New Zealand

If you asked me about one of my favourite New Zealand memories, I would tell you about April 2014. My friend, Lindsey, visited me while I was au pairing. Her, S and I drove my little green car around the North Island of New Zealand, laughing most of the way. I would tell you about sheep in green pastures, tubing through glow worm caves in Taupo, visiting Hobbiton {read here}, and sharing a home-cooked dinner with S's uncle's farm.

And I would tell you all about Cathedral Cove.

It was predicted to rain, which meant that we weren't guaranteed beautiful, dry, warm views. But you all know how I feel about rain-- so we made the drive anyway. The forecast must have scared off other visitors, because we had the place practically to ourselves. New Zealand must have known how perfect I wanted Lindsey's inaugural Kiwi experience to be, because it worked its magic and we managed to experience Cathedral Cove without a single drop from the sky. The water at our feet was freezing though, as demonstrated by my face below. 

Cold tides couldn't stop me from repeatedly sticking my toes in the salty ocean. The scenery was too good, the day was too lovely, and the company was too perfect not to. 

I mean...look at those cute Lindsey feet and that S smile

I mean...look at those cute Lindsey feet and that S smile

It's approximately a 2.5-hour drive to Cathedral Cove from Auckland. For a girl who hates driving, I enjoyed every second of the trip. We packed some snacks and S supplied the tunes. The weather was beautiful {until the drive back home}, allowing for photo stops of the green scenery along the way. The ocean breeze and unpredictable Kiwi weather brought slight breezes, so make sure you pack a sweater if you visit in April. 

I think about this day often. Even the parts that weren't by the book, like our inability to de-fog the windshield on the road back to Auckland. The sand between my toes, washed away by icy water. It is a day that goes in a special, soft category reserved for my most favourite memories. 

There isn't much more to say, other than you should visit. Take it all in. It is stunning. It is home.