the best vegan brunch in Charleston, South Carolina

This one is for the health nuts, just trying to get by in the deep-fried comfort food that is the South. I thought it would be hard to find plant-based options for brunch {and food in general} in a place like South Carolina, where they pride themselves on BBQ. However, exploring Charleston has revealed itself to be a vegan dream. 

My top 3 brunch spots for plant-based eaters in Charleston are...

Gnome //

Gnome, as featured here in this post, is a favourite of mine in Charleston. Their creative menu and minimalist interior are perfectly matched. The atmosphere is sunny and there are plants all around, which mirrors their plant-based approach to food. The cinnamon protein pancakes were delicious and I can't say enough good things about their portobello mushroom 'bacon', a vegan take on breakfast bacon that made me feel as though after nearly 10 years of vegetarianism I had finally found an alternative to the one meat I kind of miss. There is free parking in a lot across the road reserved for customers. 

Five Loaves Juice Bar //

Next door to Five Loaves Cafe is their sister store: a juice bar! It was a treat to stumble upon while walking down trendy Cannon Street. They offer fresh fruit, granola, and the like. I tried their freshly blended smoothie with kale, cayenne pepper, spirulina, green apple, spinach, chia seeds, and lemon juice. It was spicy, which I like, and the texture was just right. The lady ordering ahead of me had a lot of questions for the lady behind the counter and, I have to say, the lady knew her nutrition shit. Parking is street-side, unfortunately. 

Butcher + Bee //

Butcher + Bee makes this list for healthy eaters because it has so many options. Their avocado toast, of course, is one of my faves. But the item on the menu that sticks out in my memory is from the first time I visited Charleston, after picking S up from the airport. I had iced tea, out of a Mason Jar {duh}, and sweet potato kale 'salad', which was served in a gourd that had been carved out. It was so pretty to look at. Their menu items are seasonal, so make sure to check out their site to see what they're serving up! 

If you're a vegan, pescatarian, vegetarian, or just a person trying to live that 80/20 life in this part of the country...don't be discouraged by all the Southern-style food surrounding you. Charleston is full of cool places with unique atmospheres and creative menus that offer options for your dietary preferences!