strolling in Charleston

It's March, guys. How crazy is that? Time flies when you can see plans falling into place or goals being met. It also flies when you watch French film after French film late at night in an attempt to practice all you've learned. Also, listening to good music. Time absolutely cruises when you are listening to your favourite music. 

Speaking of which, you know the song Yellow by Coldplay? How could you not, right? It's one of my favourites. Not Amsterdam worthy, but pretty special in its own right. 

The other day everything reminded me of that song. It was the soundtrack to my day. Possibly because everything was literally yellow everywhere I walked. And completely by happenstance too. It felt a little like fate. 

It was the oddest thing really. I never wear color, or I hardly do. Yet on this day, I wore a yellow dress and around every corner and down every road I saw building after building...

...and they were all yellow.

It felt like a special kind of magic and a significant kind of day.  As soon as I was home, I listened to Coldplay for the first time in a long time and it sounded new to me. And, man, fresh feels good. 

use code 'sillylittletaraxoxo' at the checkout for a FREE month! 

use code 'sillylittletaraxoxo' at the checkout for a FREE month! 

Boots: Zara | Dress: H&M | Jewelry: c/o Rocksbox | Sunglasses: H&M