the most colourful, Instagram-worthy streets in Charleston, South Carolina

Chuck-town is about as picturesque as a city in the U.S. can get. Breathtaking buildings, historic plantations, coastal views, and colourful walls-- you'll find it in Charleston. Parking in Charleston is almost entirely paid garages or lots, so I've kept this guide {a part 1, if you will} within the downtown area with a focus on colourful backgrounds. It's all within walking distance, so park near Market Street and get to 'gramming! 

Indigo Inn // 1 Maiden Lane

This place is known for its gin {where my G&T fans at?!}, but I drop by for the beautiful blue wall. It makes the perfect backdrop for any fashion or style bloggers, ya feel me? 

Queen Street // 

Houses on this street are art. It should almost be required that you stroll the lane and snap beautiful photos of the historic homes. It blows my mind that people actually in the houses that line Queen Street. 

Rainbow Row // starting at 83 East Bay Street 

Search '#Charleston' on Instagram and I promise Rainbow Row will pop up within the first few photos. It's a row of technicolour houses accompanied by South Carolina's signature Palmetto trees. 

Black Tap Coffee // 70.5 Beaufain Street

Black Tap Coffee's lavender and pink building is along this street, just a short walk from the King Street. The interior of Black Tap alone is worthy of about a million Insta pics, but the exterior of the building sticks out against the primarily residential area its located in. Stop in for a coffee and take a 'gram of the pretty building front. Hint: there's also a super cool ivy wall down this way! 

King Street //

Traditionally the street for the best Charleston shopping, King Street is also home to colourful backdrops and historic buildings.