a night at Atelier

I've always loved history. That's one of my favourite things about Charleston-- there is an abundance of it. While I pretty much learn everything new through online reading and podcasts these days, I find going to local museums and art galleries a great way to feel out a city's cultural identity. 

Women in Charleston are never not all put together. So simply going to an art gallery on King Street in overalls and a tee {typical me}, was not going to work. Lucky for me, Tobi sent this spicy backless number. As soon as I opened it, I knew I had been given the perfect piece for the Atelier Art Gallery exhibit. 

Unfortunately, there were no pictures allowed inside the gallery. However, I can tell you that Atelier tries to focus on showcasing American artists, specifically from the Southeast. It wasn't the Guggenheim's odd bookcases or beaded curtain modern art. The opposite really. The gallery housed beautifully painted landscapes and still life portraits. 

It was a successful day in Charleston {though way too hot for February} finished with a fancy night looking at gorgeous art I'll never be able to afford. Then again, when is any day in Charleston unsuccessful, amirite?! 

Bag: H&M | Dress: c/o Tobi | Glasses: H&M | Earrings: c/o Rocksbox | Shoes: FreePeople