what I wore to brunch

It's February, but Charleston didn't get the memo. Apparently, it gives no mind and decided it was going to be 80 degrees because it's the boss of its own self. Fair enough. I decided a vegan brunch at Gnome was necessary to console me since I wasn't going to get the rain I had been holding out for. 

Gnome is located in a black building surrounded {and filled inside} by plants. The sunny day soon turned into something I was happy about when I saw Gnome offered outdoor seating. 

What made it a must-stop for me was the fact that Gnome's menu is 100% plant-based. I'm always excited for vegan/vegetarian food. It's exciting when you find a place that serves classics in creative ways!

I had black coffee {a treat for me, since I've had to make the switch to decaf coffee or herbal teas} and their sesame bagel with spicy avocado spread. I convinced my mum to come with me, so we also ordered the cinnamon protein pancakes with portobello mushroom 'bacon' and breakfast potatoes to share. Everything tasted INNNNCREDIBLEEEE. Might be my new favourite eatery in all of Charleston. Seriously. 

I didn't expect to love the food at Gnome like I did. Not because I don't love vegan food, but because cafes like this can be really over-hyped. Reality surpassed my expectations this time. As we left the cafe, I thought about how Charleston never lets me down and how I am constantly falling in love with this city. I can always expect a good day in Chucktown and it always pulls through. 

I walked around Charleston falling in love around every new corner again and again. The best love stories, in my opinion, are the ones in which the people involved continually fall in love with one another. I have found that to be true in my own life with people and with places.

Every time I've walked off a plane onto New Zealand ground or returned to any of my other favourite destinations, I've found myself in love all over again. What's more, I've never been so let down that I wouldn't return. Charleston has become one of those reliable places {except it doesn't have a Tobi store to shop at, but alas I'm more of an e-shopper anyway}

I'm enjoying Chuck-town every chance I get, while I still have the opportunity to be in close proximity. I'm exploring every side street and main road staple. I'm a happy, happy girl falling in love with places...and people ;) ...and it feels extra good when reality doesn't let you down. 

Boots: Zara| Skirt: H&M | Top: c/o Tobi | Sunglasses: H&M