what I wore in Georgetown

I was walking around Georgetown, in my own little headspace when a saucy little feeling came over me. I felt in a stride of sorts. It could have been the jacket or the heels on my boots. Could have been the good news I received earlier in the day or Skype with a close friend I had. Whatever it was, I had a pep in my step. 

'Sexy' is the farthest from any word in my vocabulary that I would ever use to describe myself. I'm both more comfortable and more consistent in the 'awkward and casual' realm of life. But 'sexy'?!...that feels absolutely foreign. It feels like a four-letter word most days...all days, really...when referring to any part of my life or myself. 

Earrings by Rocksbox. Use code sillylittletaraxoxo at checkout for a free month trial! 

Earrings by Rocksbox. Use code sillylittletaraxoxo at checkout for a free month trial! 

I thought for a long time that anything deemed sexy had to be slinky or covered in lace. That it had to be skin-tight or show cleavage I've never had. And all pieces reserved for super babes never fell into my own personal style. In my twenties, that style has continued to evolve with me, and as it has I've discovered that I feel most like a hot-toddy when I feel most like myself. That feeling comes usually when I'm in jeans, a sweater and a good pair of Birks. 

Over the last year or so, my understanding of that sexy feeling has shifted. It seems to Perhaps it just comes with age? Maybe it's confidence gained in combination with my natural sense of adventure that's been strengthened by constant traveling. It could just be knowing my direction in life or only making room for good people. 

It might even be a fluke. 

Regardless of the catalyst, I feel less like sexy is a four-letter word now and more like it's a state of being.

For me, it happens when I feel good. And feeling good for me seems defined by treating my body right, having a pretty well-cemented personal style, and living a life I feel passionate about. It's like a secret universal rule I only learned over the last few years: if you feel good, no matter if it's good in jeans and a sweater or good in a mini-skirt, you're in a state of sexy. 

On this day, it was a satin jacket and a slip dress. And I absolutely dug it. 

Despite my preference for a certain minimal look, sometimes I feel like a silky jacket or a slip dress puts me in that mindset. And that's alright because the 'state of sexy' is fluid. Changeable. Adaptive. The meaning of the word is different for every person and every person feels foxy in different ways. 

Sexy, steamy, saucy-- it's all about feeling a certain sassy way, different for each of us. For me, it's a mindset, a state that's ever-evolving.

And it's a state I rather like being in. 

Jacket: c/o Tobi | Ankle boots: H&M | Slip dress: Zara | Earrings: c/o Rocksbox

Use the code 'sillylittletaraxoxo for a free month trial of Rocksbox jewelry sets! 

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