a brunch guide to Nashville, Tennessee: where to get the brunch in Music City

I'm tempted to drive back up to Nashville right now just typing this post, because Nashville has such delicious and endless options in terms of both food and coffee. Basically, it's my every cafe dream come true in a setting filled with great music and friendly people. 

crowd at Crema

crowd at Crema

Crema //

We arrived at Crema about 10 minutes before it opened and there was already a line of men with man-buns in suspenders waiting. This is always a sure sign of good food and great coffee. I got the avocado toast, to no one's surprise. Tash knew what I was going to order without me even looking over the menu. It was the bomb dot com {not sorry for being lame}. I also got a latte and a blueberry muffin because ya girl can eat. Everything was delicious and we both left with full bellies. Or, in Tash's case, a purse with half a muffin wrapped in a napkin for later. Crema earns massive points, because it's 100% sustainable. Compost and recycling receptacles, no rubbish bins. Within minutes the place was packed with brunch-goers. 

100 Layer Vanilla Cream Donut

100 Layer Vanilla Cream Donut

Five Daughters //

100 Layer Donuts. Homemade Poptarts. Vegan options. Need I say more? You can't leave Five Daughters Bakery without trying the 100 Layer Donut. Inspired by NYC's cronut, this pastry takes 4 days to make. It took me a whole day to finish eating mine, as I had just had first breakfast at Crema, but the Vanilla Cream 100 Layer was my Everest and I was gonna climb the whole damn thing. 

Barista Parlor // 

I loved BP's atmosphere. Great acoustic playlist. Beautiful handcrafted tables. Open espresso bar where a coffee aficionado can look and admire latte art and perfect pulls. I had the Cinnamon Brown Sugar Homemade Poptart {sourced from Five Daughters Bakery}, both a regular and an almond milk latte, and the 'Moto' vegetarian breakfast sandwich. The food was good and the service was fast. It was the details of BP that did it for me. Nothing gets me more excited than details. From the bandanas used as napkins to the hand-carved table identifiers-- it was all thought through. Also, there were men in suspenders. 

Fido //

I visited Fido per Taylor Swift recommendation {or so the internet tells me} with Lindsey and Tash. The line was long, but the latte was good and the interior was adorable! Table identifiers for each order included pictures of dogs with a 'biography'! 

Frothy Monkey // 

Supposedly Taylor Swift and Hayden Panettierre both frequent the Frothy Monkey. Lindsey, Tash, and I went to the downtown location due to convenience, though there is another location away from the busy part of town. I had the sliced avocado, fried egg, sourdough toast combo served with in-house salsa. It was delicious, though a bit pricey and the avocado portion was tiny. Still, there is a beautiful second floor at the downtown location that allows for people watching and lots of sunlight, always earning bonus points in my book!  

And with that I say go forward and brunch!