an Instagram guide to Nashville: where to find the most phot-worthy murals in music City

While it's officially known as 'Music City' {for gooooood reason}, Nashville is a city filled with murals, street art, and creative landmarks. They could probably give it the second name 'Mural City' and it would suit just fine. And let's face it: everyone loves a good Instagram pic in a city as 'artsy' as Nashville. 

Well, folks, I'm here to help!  I have found similiar blog posts that help me when I explore a new city and find them incredibly useful, though typically lacking either an exact address or helpful information about neighbourhoods, etc. I took it upon myself to rectify the situation by creating this 'gram guide. I'll make it really, really, almost painfully simple for all of you headed out to explore. 


found near Draper James wall

found near Draper James wall

The Gulch

302 11th Avenue S. 

If you're waiting in line at Biscuit Love {you'll be there for a while}, hop out of line and snap a pic with the famous #WhatLiftsYou wings. There is a parking garage or metered street parking near the mural. If you have a pet, there is a small version for your furry friend. Or just your friend, as Tash and I have demonstrated. Be sure to use the artist's indicated hashtag and give credit where credit is due by tagging her {@kelseymontagueart}. 

Draper JameS

2608 12th Avenue S. 

Draper James is Reese Witherspoon's clothing and home store. The outside wall is Insta-famous for its signature bright blue and white striped wall. When Tash and I pulled up, we were not the only ones there to take a photo. Parking lots are reserved for customers {how do they really know?}, but there is free street-side parking. 

'I Believe in Nashville'

2608 12th Avenue S. 

Directly across the alley from the Draper James wall is one of many 'I Believe in Nashville' murals. You don't even need to move your vehicle. Just move your ass about 6-feet and snap away! 

Nashville Rainbow

625 Main Street

Located in my beloved East Nashville, the mural is hard to miss. it takes up the entire side of a building. Next to it is {conveinently} a free parking lot! How perfect is that?! Speaking of perfect...Tash nailed this photo of me jumping. Nailed it! 

East Nashville

600 Main Street 

Similarly to #3, there are multiple 'East Nashville' walls. This one was just blocks away from our AirBnB, making it our pick {we're lazy 'grammers}. The wall is on Parachute Media's building, so we parked right in their lot like total tourists. No shame in the Insta-game {but all the shame for typing that barfy line}. 


There you have it, guys! An informative Instagram guide to Nashville. You're so welcome {LOL}. Just my way of making the world a better, less shallow place to be {eye-roll}. Also, I am aware I wear these Zara cropped flares all the time. They are the best, kinda like this blog {actually LOL as I type this}. 


an Instagram Guide to Nashville
an Instagram guide to Nashville