mas tacos, mas amigos

The jig is finally up! I've been doing my best to keep this secret since OCTOBER. Tash is back home in New Zealand after two years of fully nailing world travel. En route, Tash made a special stop in Nashville. A quick road trip from my current {and temporary} location in South Carolina and we were eating together at The Local Taco like no time had passed. 

It was a full circle, full belly moment sitting at The Local. In 2015, Tash and I started our many joint journeys in Nashville for the CMA Fest where: I got a second tattoo, Tash survived a Steel Reserve beer {barely}, I endured a sunburn that made a total statement for irresponsibility, and we both found the best tacos Nashville has to offer {thank you Pinterest}. 

There we were, reunited a year and a half later. Sitting {indoors this time} in the sunlight on a chilly February afternoon with my best girl and my beloved Avocado Fried Onion Tacos {hallelujah, amen}. We caught up on every detail not already outlined by our many Skype dates since my meltdown at the Heathrow Airport. We hadn't seen one another in person since then, last July. Just Facetime-ing our lives away when Lao internet would time with Swallowfield's.

Tash wasn't the only friend I was able to see while in Nashville. The next day Charissa drove down for lunch and the three of us enjoyed {you guessed it} more tacos! More tacos and more friends. Winning all 'round I'd say. 

Attempting to branch out while Charissa joined us, I suggested we all try Mas Tacos instead of The Local. Mas Tacos has a super cool atmosphere and a unique interior, but the food was bland compared to our much cherished favourites. I'll never stray again. 

But the company {and the horchata} at Mas Tacos was solid. The company made up for my slightly bland Quinoa and Sweet Potato tacos. And, let's be honest, you can never have too many tacos or too many moments with your mates. 

Mas tacos, mas amigos I say!

 I will be writing more posts about Nashville. It's a city of highly sentimental meaning to me. It was the first trip {after the roadie to Niagara with S} that kicked off the reckless adventures of 2015. And it was the trip that cemented my friendship with Tash, my adventure buddy and my absolute hero.