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Ming Tombs in Zhongshan Mountain National Park

Ming Tombs in Zhongshan Mountain National Park

China has really been showing off lately. Full autumn foliage and sunny afternoons have lent themselves to adventures with my gang of fierce female friends. The four of us {Vanessa, Katie, Amy, and I} decided to take full advantage of the beautiful weather by visiting the Ming Tombs in Zhongshan Mountain National Park. 

The deep reds and oranges of the trees had us all appreciating fall. It was nice to be surrounded by the sound of crunching leaves instead of car horns. Blue skies took the place of gray skyscrapers with neon signage. 


The Ming Tombs are actually a full collection of mausoleums created by Ming dynasty emperors. They are also park of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and we all know how I feel about those. 


Metro line 2 will take you straight to the Ming Tombs. You will need to purchase a ticket to enter, which {at time of publishing} costs 70RMB. It's well worth the cost of your ticket to see the sacred mausoleums and walk the tree-lined pathways. I highly suggest a visit, particularly if you are going to be in Nanjing in the autumn. You will have to fight tourists for photos {this is a great way to practice patience!}. 


The more I see China beneath its surface, the closer I get to figuring it out. Weekend trips with the good people I've found here really help peel back its layers, revealing an unfiltered look at this wild place I'm living. And, I'd much rather get an honest look at it than avoid doing the work of peeling those layers, ya dig? I'm up for the challenge of figuring China out, because when you care about something or want it, you give it effort, put out your best, and that's when you see the 'magic' in anything- anythingggggg. 


Cost of admission: 70RMB {roughly 10 USD}

Public Transportation: Take the Metro on line 2 to Muxuyuan stop and leave at Exit 1

how's it all been going?: wàn shì kāi tóu nán

how's it all been going?: wàn shì kāi tóu nán

Motu Burger: New Zealand in Nanjing

Motu Burger: New Zealand in Nanjing