Motu Burger: New Zealand in Nanjing

My new friends and I talk a lot about the places we want to go. The reasons we came to China. You know, usual expat banter. These little conversations over big laughs at dinner fascinate me. We also talk about our "homes."

It's no surprise that anytime I'm not in New Zealand, I'm missing New Zealand. The heart finds a place that makes it feels "right", calls it home, finds its people, and I suppose that's that. 


New Zealand is kind of a funny "soul mate" to have though. It's far away from everywhere else, making it hard to travel to and expensive to travel from, which makes zero sense for a girl who loves to go places. The job market isn't fantastic, which makes getting offers as a foreigner tricky. I've been thinking so much about my little island. 


When Katie, who is from New Zealand, mentioned she wanted to go to a Kiwi-owned burger place, I already had on my coat and was throwing on my boots. I had read about this place prior to arriving and had told myself if I felt homesick at all, I'd take myself out for a veggie burger and a New Zealand brew. Thanks to Katie's suggestion, I didn't have to wait! 


Us girls met up for deep tissue massages at a little hole-in-the-wall place where blind/visually impaired individuals give you a seriously rough rub down {I likeeeeeee}. We all left the place in what felt like new skin. My body had basically been beat down then put back together the right way. After our massages {10/10 would go again}, we headed off to Motu Burger for a New Zealand experience. 

Upon arrival, I nearly cried. 


As soon as we stepped inside Motu, I felt giddy like 2011-Ferg-Hall-Tara. There was Kiwi art all over. Signs reading "Kiaora", menus with maps of the North and South Island, and an adult menu that included Tuatara IPA and Moa Cider.

I happily settled on the veggie burger with kumara fries and a cider. Treat yo'self, amirite? And what a treat it was. Though a little pricey, the deliciousness was worth every yuan spent. 


Once we paid for our food, I bought a Cookie Time biscuit and my night was sealed. I could not have asked for a better dose of home. We were in fits of laughter-induced-tears. I felt such fullness. 

I'm happy I get to visit so soon and I'm happy I've got plans with my loved ones. A lot has changed in the last week. A shit ton, actually. But New Zealand is still home, soul space. Finding a piece of my 'soul-mate'/'home'/'favourite place'/'whatever' here in the middle of this chaos-- a bit of New Zealand in Nanjing...

I'll take it. Shed happy tears. And feel warm inside.

Because, for all the joy and heartache it's brought, I carry New Zealand deeply in my heart. And even as we're going on 7 years later, I still feel it in my bones as my happy place. 



Street address: No.107 Gutong Alley, Laomendong, Nanjing 210006, China

Public Transportation: Take line 4 or take line 1 and then bus 33