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life lately: 20

life lately: 20

My life has changed a wee bit since I last posted one of these not-so-weekly updates. 

(+) In case you missed something, I now live in Nanjing, China! It's been a hard transition this first week, but I'm coming out of the last 7 days with a massive smile on my face, an apartment {tour coming!}, and new friends. 


(+) Sunday night, a group of the people I work with went out to dinner at the favourite Indian restaurant in the city as my welcome to Nanjing. I laughed so hard throughout the night. We talked about the stereotypes associated with our respective countries of origin, the importance of face masks, standards of beauty across cultures, tattoo {and life} regrets. Learning about people over curry and a beer-- this is what makes a high-quality life. Also, 8/10 for the Aloo Mutter here! 

(+) Not even ashamed of how many times I've listened through Reputation {#relatablelyrics #basicthingstosay}. Sure, some of the songs are 'meh', but others are 'chunnnes.' Getaway Car is a fave, so give it a listen if you aren't sure where to start. 


(-) The toilets in my office building are squat holes. I was so hoping the building would have one secret Western stall. It doesn't. 

(+) I figured out the metro system on my first try. It's pretty straightforward {for the most part} and impeccably clean! I don't actually have to use the metro that often since my flat is within walking distance of work, but it makes exploring the city that much easier and we'll take whatever 'easy' we can get. 

(+) This week's video is up! So far, it's mostly just bits and pieces of me walking around the city doing my errands. There are also travel vids up if you're more interested in that! Only a week in and I'm not sure how long I'll be able to do this whole weekly video thing I set out for kind of feels like the stupidest thing in the world and as if I'm just contributing to more shit on know...let's not take it too seriously. 


(+) I have to put the {predictable} plug here for the people who have made such efforts to make contact easy. Those who have downloaded WeChat, Skyped me, given me little calls, and kept me plugged-in. This has been so appreciated, especially in my first week.

(-) China's firewall is not just a rumour. And it can make you feel like you live in an invisible bubble-- no Instagram, Facebook {not that I use this anyway}, or GOOGLE {what did any of us do without Google?}. This is another reason why people mentioned above deserve gold stars. 

(-) The language is so much harder to learn than I already realized. I thought the apps I downloaded, the free lessons I'm taking, combined with living here would make me feel like it's manageable to learn Mandarin in a year. Honestly, I'm pretty demotivated to try. Wednesday is my next lesson, so maybe I'll feel a spark to take it on more seriously again. 

(+) Speaking of people, I will be seeing some of mine soon!!! AHHH! HOME!!! I CANNOT WAIT!! 


My feelings will be going back in their box now, and all the travel tips, city guides, and content that's actually valuable to the people reading this space still soon. I've needed to take a little time to decompress, adjust, and experience a little catharsis via writing, ya dig? 

Now, back to your regular scheduled programming xx

Hongshan Zoo: the most heartbreaking $6 I've ever spent

Hongshan Zoo: the most heartbreaking $6 I've ever spent

room with a {new point of} view

room with a {new point of} view