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life lately: 17

life lately: 17

Lucky number 17! I'm so happy I took something that started so many years ago and brought it back to the blog. It makes me excited to share with you bits of what's been going on in my life outside of travel. 

Here's what life looks like lately...


(+/-) There has been yet another hiccup in my Chinese visa process. Guys, it's been the longest road. One I intend to fully write about and post here once it's all squared away, which I thought it would be by now {or even months ago}. I'm pretty exhausted by the whole thing. I came back from my month back in Asia feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, but it's been a little over a week and I have reached a point where I have a lot to consider. I'm in such a happy place with my life. It feels full, mostly because it's filled with special, loving people and the ability to travel far and often. My next move might be China, or it might not be. And I'll keep you all filled in on the decisions I make as I make them. For now, remember that I said everything could change tomorrow and that's never been more true. Whatever happens, it'll be an exciting adventure! Stay watching this space! 


(+) My father is back from Afghanistan. He's lived over there for the last two years and it's been nice to have him back stateside. 

(+) I took Dad to Hopsewee Plantation while my mother was at work. I took him to get the same Full Southern Tea my mother and I had when we visited. Then, since the mosquitoes seemed to be playing nice, we took the tour of the Plantation house. I learned so much about Southern U.S. history and the differences between cotton and rice plantations in the South. 

(-) This heat in the middle of October has thrown my body off. In Asia, it is expected. In South America, it was expected. In the U.S.? Honestly, I'm still so confused. 

(+) Found another wonderful brunch spot in Charleston, the Coffee Collective Company. They serve up Counter Culture coffee beans and it's a total winner, guys!


(+) As I mentioned in a previous post, Frank followed in Poppy's footsteps and has a brand ambassador gig. Instead of Geopetric, he's a representative for KONALeashes. Every purchase from KONALeashes puts 1lb. of dog food into shelters for pups in need. It's a seriously worthy cause and the leashes and collars are made in America by hand to order! They're extremely tough {Frank tested and approved}. 

(+) I have had so many Skype dates since arriving back and it's made me feel a lot of joy and gratitude. 

(+) Thanks to following Nikisha Brunson on Instagram, I found an app called Simple Habit. I've decided I like it more than BreatheSync and a lot more than Headspace {though shoutout to HS for having an airplane anxiety meditation}. Check it out! It's FREE to download. 


(+) I usually either use LUSH's natural deodorant or Pit Potion from my lovely interweb friends at Pink House Organics. However, I needed some deo fast and couldn't wait for shipping from Vancouver, B.C. or be running to a LUSH store. I decided to give Tom's of Maine a try and IT WORKS! I actually think it works better than the LUSH block deodorant. No aluminium, animal testing or animal ingredients, and total transparency. I dig it. 

(+) Speaking of all natural products I love, my goodies from Crude are proving to live up to the hype. Currently drafting a full post for you all to see what it's done for my post-travel skin. 


(+) I'm a week away from getting my new 52-page passport and I feel a giddy-ness to fill it up as quickly as I did the last one, though admittedly that will be pretty impossible given it's double the old ones' volume. 

So much good shit is on the horizon. I'm excited to figure out where I'll land next, whether it's China or not. I'm excited for the projects and partnerships this blog has been offered {ethical companies, yaasss}.

And I'm excited about life. In general. Every day feels so full of possibility. 

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