how you can help change the world without leaving your home

The world is a mess. A truly sad state. Natural disasters, nasty political agendas costing millions their healthcare while leaving guns available to anyone with access to a Walmart, fast fashion polluting the planet and allowing garment makers to work in unsafe conditions for far less than fair wages...the list is dishearteningly never-ending. 

Now more than ever in my life, I feel the need to do what I can to fix what I can. To utilize my big bleeding heart and DO something. Because thoughts and prayers and good vibes are kind, but I think it's important to take ACTION. Most important probably. 

Volunteering in Laos changed the trajectory of my life. It altered my M.A. studies. It affected the jobs I have accepted and applied for. It widened my mind and opened my eyes and prioritized the things in my heart differently. 

But not everyone can or wants to volunteer, especially overseas. It involves a pretty large investment in time and money {typically}. So how can you help the world without leaving your house or using up your vacation time from work? 

Let me help you out.  



As the Women's Empowerment Project Coordinator, I often got asked how an education makes an impact. I'd often dilute my answer down so that it sounded less dramatic, but the truth is the opportunity to acquire an education changes lives. I've seen firsthand how doors open for those who have access to learning. And if you're not convinced by the work I've done and the stories I have to share, luckily there's research to back me up. Particularly for women who stand at a huge disadvantage when it comes to the opportunities they're offered. Kurandza is a non-profit social enterprise that aims to not only enroll girls in school in Mozambique, but provide them with the supplies and uniform they need which many families cannot afford. By sponsoring a girl, you're aiding in her empowerment. 

You can donate to the cause or sponsor a girl in Mozambique here



I've come across so many badass brands since hunting down ethical, eco-friendly, fairtrade options. SO MANY! And that makes my heart joy-filled. This backpack, for instance, is vegan and cruelty-free {animal welfare victory whoop whoop!}. It's made in Hawaii by Oceans End, a company run by boss ladies who believe women are strong and their bags should reflect that. 

Nectar is a Charleston-based brand that makes sunglasses for free thinkers and risk takers. Nectar donates part of the proceeds from every sale to save the world's bee population, which is major since bees pollinate $30 billion dollars of cash crops every year. 

You can find my backpack in the 'SLK Shop' tab or here.  Sunglasses by Nectar can be found here



Frank recently got a brand ambassador deal, which is super cool because it feels a bit full circle. Ya see, Frank is a rescue pup from the Black Hills Humane Society in Rapid City, South Dakota. Many shelters, like the one Frank was in, struggle with funding to feed all the pups that end up in their care. With every purchase from KONAleashes, the company donates 1lb. of dog food to shelters in need. Something I really value about KONAleashes is that they are transparent about their shelter donations. It's all right on their website for everyone to see. 


There are so many ways you can help improve the condition of the world without leaving the comforts of home. You don't need to get on a plane or travel somewhere foreign to change the world. Every thoughtful purchase, every sponsored child, every kind gesture is an action. 

And every action counts.