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life lately: 19

life lately: 19

There's a lot that's been going on, which is partially why the travel products post I promised is a little late. It's coming, hang in there with me! That's also why it's been nearly a full week since my last post. Weird. Let me hit you with some updates/life sharing.

Here's what's been up lately in iPhone pics + all the other good stuff...


(+) Before I leave {in a week, eek}, I was asked to speak about traveling, specifically what it takes to live and work internationally. I felt back in my element. Speaking about something I'm passionate about to ears eager to learn and happy to listen. Like leading training in Laos or planning events for the girls. It felt so nice to be asked questions about visas, cultural differences, and even long distance relationships-- the students were not shy! We even shared a good laugh about their homecoming theme-- the that's vintage or something. I left the room feeling so energized. One of the girls told me how valuable she found the information saying it was 'finally a talk worth sitting through.' Another e-mailed me with a list of questions and ended her message with, 'You were so relatable and have inspired me to chase my dreams and not care whether it seems normal to other people.' Brb, shedding a small victory tear. 


(-/+) I feel super uncool even mentioning this, but HarmonQuest Season 2 is out and...I'm still laughing. I initially got hooked on this thanks to Luke but thought my interest in the show was based purely out of being bored without much to do after work and dinner in Laos, especially when Touk was busy and Dora had left. It's so far from anything I've ever been into. Not a dark drama or a documentary, also not a typical comedy...but something about it makes me catch the giggles.  

(-/+) I'm still working on drop menus and new things for this site, but admittedly I've been busy readying for everything happening in the next few weeks...and the next year. I don't like getting behind, but I'm working on taking more time and being 'okay' with things moving slowly. 


(+) Glossier You is as good as the reviews make it out to be. My friend ordered some and I am sneakily wishing I could bathe in it, it smells that good. 

(-) The Last Face, unfortunately, also lives up to its reviews {like 5% on Rotten Tomatoes, if you're curious}. If you've seen this film...I sympathize with you for losing your time. I cried like an absolute baby over the many graphic scenes in the movie, but ultimately Beasts of No Nation is a much better film. Like, much better. Check it out if you love Idris Elba and need your heart ripped out of your chest. 

(+) I got the go ahead to be a brand rep for 31Bits, a company I LOVE and get all googly-eyed over. Ethical fashion is just the best, amirite?


(+) My friends in Luang Prabang ran the Luang Prabang Marathon. All the proceeds went to the Lao Friends Hospital For Children. Laos has the highest infant mortality rate for children under 5 in all of Southeast Asia. On my most recent visit, Luke took me to a Baci for one of the LFHC staff's newly born babies. I heard horror stories while talking to an Australian volunteer about seeing sick children and babies with broken ankles from getting their jabs shot too deeply into their feet. The marathon may be over, but the work at LFHC continues and, if you feel like it speaks to your heart, you can read more about the organization and ways to help here. Congratulations to all the runners! 

(+) I didn't run the LPB Marathon {since I'm not there, don't remind me}, but my nightly running routine has made it a whole week without me reverting to hating it. Victory.  


(+) Bird and Stone sent me a beautiful 'The Future is Female' bracelet, made ethically in New York City, that supports women's empowerment and gender equality. You can read all about their mission online here. They also have Climate Change bracelets! 

(+) Currently listening to Capsize and also 1000 Nights both by Frenship. Mikky Ekko has a new album out that is worth a listen {you might remember him as the collaborative voice on Stay}. And then the regular ear candy has been on repeat: Hozier, Vance Joy, Lorde, etc. 

(+) Finally, happy birthday

Time to relax until flight time!  

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