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life lately: 18

life lately: 18


Here's a little look at life lately...


(+) During the time that I filled a temporary position at the university in the town my parents now live in, I was lucky enough to meet and make friends with Kayla. She is every good adjective and I got to snuggle her sweet baby girl over dinner the other night. Baby K is the best behaved and most beautiful baby I've ever met. If I could snuggle her and listen to her little cackle every time I was stressed or overwhelmed or thinking too much or feeling feelings...magic cure, guys. She's an angel baby. If you're looking for a faith and lifestyle blog written by someone genuine, check out Kayla's blog Something Special! 

(+) My sister's friend from college, Kayley, is always in on what's the new cool thing. Not only is her Instagram a food blogger's dream {if you live in NYC, you NEED to follow her}, but she led me to find the Girls' Night In Club. GNI is a website and community for women with all kinds of resources-- recipes, TV watchlists, interviews with boss ladies, and a book club. I won last week's weekly giveaway, which proves that if you have an extra five seconds to enter these kinds of things, you too can have all your dreams come true. 


(-/+) I had to take Frank {our family's Saint Bernard} to the vet for his final checkup {he has a skin disorder that causes massive anxiety and humid climates make it worse so, yes, we've been frequent visitors since the fam moved South}. At the vet clinic, Frank was acting terrified, which is not like him at all. Doc Chandler looked up at me and said, "I think he knows this is where Poppy was. He's probably very anxious." I started to tear up. It's amazing the instincts that animals have. That we all have. It was a really sweet/really sad moment. 

(+) This year has been rolling by. I can't believe it's already October {another special birthday month for special people in my world}. A month here, a month there, and now a move. There are travels planned and I CANNOT WAIT, but until then I'm just excited to get the keys to my new place. 

(+) If you don't know about Project 333  and are interested in the philosophy of minimalism, you might check it out. I completed this challenge over my month in Asia, and it was easier than I expected, mostly thanks to knowing myself and my 'style' well enough to pack right for it. It's proof of the beauty of living with less, though, for the sake of honesty, even after countless days spent sorting, selling, donating, I still am living with a storage unit filled with apartment furnishings and enough clothing to fill its own U-Haul. 

(-) Is there anyone out there that has an attractive passport picture? My fifth one arrived and it's shocking. Like, I opened it up and scared myself. 


(+) Podcasts I'm listening to include: The Minimalists, The Walk Out Boys, Oprah's Super Soul Conversations, The Tony Robbins Podcast, Embedded: Trump Stories, NPR's Rough Translations, and My Dad Wrote A Porno...along with the usual suspects. A lot of ear goodness lately. 

(+) I've gotten back into running! Of my own free will! It might be a miracle or it might be because after subbing as a teacher for a few yoga classes at the local YMCA, I realized that all the 50-year-old lady badasses in the studio were kicking my ass. My competitive nature kicked in and I just can't let them see me break a sweat before they do. 

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