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ask me anything // part III

ask me anything // part III

I'm a happy cold weather bird because there is currently hurricane-force wind and torrential rain outside. I used the rainy day as an excuse to stay inside and answer a few e-mails and messages I had been putting off for...awhile. 

It's been busy here and I've been slack. I've been trying to read offline more {you remember those things called books?!}. I've started my TEFL on a complete whim {being a teacher isn't the aim, when I've been in the classroom it's been as part of my coordinator job or as a volunteer} and I'm in the middle of finishing French immersion courses {more on this later!!}. Plus...I've been keeping my mind off of certain things by running again, preparing myself for BIG interviews and opportunities, and packing/organizing everything. 

But, all this aside, let's just get stuck in, aye? 

Erin asked in the comments of this post how I stay 'fit' while traveling so much and if I'll be writing some fitness posts for ladies on the road. The honest truth is I don't write about fitness because it doesn't come naturally. Take the semester I studied in New Zealand and ate and drank my way around the beautiful country, adding almost 30lbs. to the scale. I didn't feel good about the way I looked, but more than that I didn't feel comfortable. It was a real lesson for someone who had always been running competitively and hadn't ever felt at odds with her body before.

I have to work at it allllllll the timeeeeeee. I've written about how I was never a natural athlete. I had to run double the miles to even be in the competition. It's what you'll hear everywhere else, but I try to focus on balance when traveling. If I ate like shhht one day, I try to do better the next. Hot yoga and long distance running are my two favourites to get in shape. I like to try local food when I travel, so I balance that by walking all over the new place I'm in. I guess I don't write fitness posts because my advice seems so generic ha! I like this blog for fitness/health/wellbeing/nutrition tips

I've had a lot of blog comments and a few e-mails/messages/Insta dms about my relationship status. I guess I've been a bit vague since I flew to London to rectify a situation by asking a question and then didn't... Over the last five years, I've been in a 'seesaw' relationship where the timing was always off. Soulmates are a never-ending kind of thing--  complicated and complex. You go through so much with one person over that amount of time: travel with them, laugh with them, disagree with them, hurt each other unintentionally or have third party persons throwing wrenches, or have to battle after using up your share of visas. I kept {and continue to keep} so much of what we experienced together sacred. It's just nicer that way, it feels like it honors it better. 

What I've learned through having the kind of high-caliber friends I keep is that majority of people ask because they are curious, but those who love you ask because they care. It's just better to write for the public when you are ready for both types of people to read. Let's talk about more interesting things than if I'm currently dating someone or not: politics, travel, even things that seem shallow like fashion or food, k?! 

Also, if those who ask about certain people could be nicer to those certain people. There is a lack of compassion and kindness in this world, but SLK isn't a place for harshness. 

Shelby asked what kind of dog Poppy is. She's a rat terrier. Also a diva. Also a pain.  

Alana asked if I'll be doing a brunch guide for London. I absolutely can if you'd like! 

Someone asked if I get eyelash extensions {sorry can't find your name!}. I don't, I use MAC False Lashes Mascara. 

Carolyn wants to know if I get scared because I don't moderate my comments and if not, what does scare me about being so open. No. Not anymore. I did moderate on a few personal posts during my time in London because I have had to delete comments three times before from the same girl who commented about someone I loved and her friendship with him and a trip they once took. I don't moderate comments because not many people read SLK and I genuinely believe people have better things to do than leave nasty remarks. If they have criticisms of the blog, I like to think of it as feedback to improve. I also think moderating cuts off people. I'd rather just deal with the one bad seed when I have to {by the way your anonymous comments aren't always anonymous}. Being open seems to be in my nature. But I will say that in the last year, I began feeling more excited by blocking off bigger and bigger bits of my life, saving them just for me and my close circle. I love your comments and questions, so thank you for writing to me.  

Finally, Anisha wants to know when I'm going back to New Zealand. There are big things in the works, but the details are still being worked out! Until then, keep reading and I'll share my travel/life plans when the nitty-gritty deets are sorted. I've missed home terribly, especially since last year was the first year I hadn't made the trip back. We'll rectify this soon. 

Stay cozy.  

Airlie Gardens

Airlie Gardens

brunch guide // NYC pt. I

brunch guide // NYC pt. I