a first-timer’s brunch guide to New York City: the best spots for the famous New York meal

One of my favourite trips during the blur of travel that was 2015 was without a doubt New York City. Mostly because Keegan, Tash, and Chelsea came over from New Zealand and we laughed our asses off the entire time. 

Also, because we ate. We ate a lot. So much that it was really hard to narrow down to a reasonable 5 spots. Perhaps {definitely} there will be a part 2 coming??! 

As one of the biggest and most vibrant cities in the world, New York City provides no shortage of trendy, unique, delicious places to brunch...or any shortage of anything other than nature and happy people really?? It's been a minute now, but here is my brunch guide for those looking for my favourites from that specific trip

Sarabeth's //

I first heard of this gem from Gossip Girl {I hate myself sometimes}. When we all planned our meetup in the big city, I knew we needed mimosas and raspberry lemon pancakes at Sarabeth's Central Park South location. I recommend reservations, especially on the weekend. 

Gotan //

We stumbled upon this beauty while on our way to the 9/11 Memorial {a total must-see}. My kiwi fam made fun of me our entire NY trip because my love of avocado toast and a good almond milk latte was undisguisable. Gotan took avocado toast, which is already fabulous, and added feta cheese. Right?!

Dominique Ansel Bakery //

One of my closest friends, Lindsey, pointed me in the direction of D.A. Bakery in SoHo. Ever heard of a little foodie phenomenon known as the cronut? Yeah, well this is where it was created. But this bakery gets my recommendation thanks to its Cookie Shots. Special vanilla-flavoured milk served inside a warm cookie shotglass. Absolute heaven. Indoor seating is limited, but there is alternative garden seating! 

Serendipity 3 //

We didn't eat brunch at Serendipity, so this is kind of a cheat. But! I have eaten lunch at Serendipity in Las Vegas and enjoyed dinner and dessert at S3 in NYC for Tash's birthday! They do offer a tea and coffee menu as well as omelettes and crepes. I've never had anything at Serendipity that wasn't delicious and the atmosphere is too fun to leave it off this list! 

Shelter //

Let's keep it real, k? I was drunk as a skunk thanks to the Brooklyn Brewery and Keegan refusing to help me finish my beer tokens by the time we found sustenance at Shelter in Williamsburg. I fell in love with Brooklyn. Hard. I was calling out for Michelle Williams and Jay-Z, on the hunt for my favourite then-blogger Nat the Fat Rat, and tried to remove a couch from the sidewalk. Let it be a testament to the place that despite my messy state, I remember the rustic decor of the place and the delicious food. And let these photos be a testament to my messy state. 

Finally, SLK brunch bucketlist moment: eat breakfast at Tiffany's

check ;)