a guide to unique London cafes

London is like all the best cities: full of things to do, sights to see, great shopping, delicious food, and trendy coffee spots. It's the 'most Instagram-able city in the world', after all. And, so, after living there for a large chunk of my childhood and having returned many times since the hard move of 2003, it should have clicked sooner that I haven't created a brunch guide for London town. 

This brunch guide could be endless, but I narrowed it down to my favourite places I ate at while in London on my most recent trip. There are always new places popping up and little local spots to stumble upon, as well as old favourites from living there I have yet to share. However, here is the first part of what I'm sure will be an ongoing guide ;)

 Attendant //

I stumbled upon Attendant while wandering through Shoreditch in search of second breakfast with S. The inside is filled with hanging plants and each table has a carafe of mint infused water for you. Delicious menu with plenty of vegetarian options. 

What makes it unique? The interior is filled with greenery making any gray London day instantly better. 

Paper & Cup //

My experience at Paper & Cup was made by the laughter of me with S over the fighting of the two people working the counter. This cafe is a bookworm's dream, but the food is more muffins and pastries. If you're very hungry, head somewhere else. If you're just nibbly and want a quiet place to read while supporting a good cause, Paper & Cup is for you. 

What makes it unique? Paper & Cup is a non-profit cafe, meaning the cost of goodies there is low and all proceeds benefit charity. 

A Wanted Man //

This place featured a Tara favourite: exposed brick. The food was good, but the aesthetics were really what made it recommendation worthy.

What makes it unique? There is a salon upstairs, so you can get a blowout accompanied with brunch. 

Farm Girl Cafe //

Located on Notting Hill's famous Portobello Road, Farm Girl Cafe has dreamy vegan, gluten, vegetarian food. I had a very quick bite before I dashed off to meet Will. So quick that I didn't snap a pic of my food. I was a wee bit flustered. But, trust me, it's Instagram worthy. I will be back. 

What makes it unique? Hidden in a back-alley, Farm Girl prides itself on a quirky menu featuring items such as rose lattes and pomegranate seed avo toast. 

Stay tuned for old favourites and other brekky recommendations in new posts up soon!