liberty + justice for all

On Saturday, people {and pets}  marched in multiple countries, across hundreds of cities. Marching for women. But women weren't the only {incredibly worthy} cause being represented. This march was for all marginalized communities because standing together means defending each other. 

Signs in peaceful protest of pipelines, hate, and inequalities of all forms were held by hands belonging to smiling faces. Republicans, democrats, and independents all marched together. When people come together about causes that move them and unite in support of one another it's magic. Peaceful magic. 

I had a doctor's appointment that couldn't be missed, so my plans of going to D.C. were altered and, instead, I got to participate in a march with nearly 4,000 individuals from Charleston! We walked in the rain {at one point severe rain}, which made it feel all the more angsty. 

What made my heart all extra fluttery was the number of men out in support of women. Fathers with signs that read 'My daughter's body is her own' and men holding posters that read 'Men of quality don't fear equality' made me feel so lighthearted.  It reminded me of the wonderful, supportive men I have in my life. Men of quality that respect me. Kudos to you lovely lads, you know who you are. 

There were food trucks and rain poncho stations. Beyonce and Tiffany blasted from the speakers of the main stage until speeches were given by civil rights leaders, political activists, religious leaders, poets, and the boss ladies who organized the event.

The speeches and recited poems were reminders that love always wins {a notion I sometimes forget and give up on}. That politicians are officials elected by us to work for us. That we the people must hold those officials accountable.  

I felt both in my element and in absolute awe of the people surrounding me, resisting those who refuse to believe in the rights of others. So much love filled the streets of Charleston. Love for people who fight with love. 

And, guys, love is my absolute favourite thing. Because it is the most powerful, rock-solid thing in this world. 

It's important that we keep the movement going beyond what was an incredibly powerful, hopeful day. Click this link for 10 actions over the 100 days that will continue these efforts. Let's all keep working towards liberty and justice for all.