we're all a little mad here

It took me about an hour of walking around NODA to figure out that it stood for 'North of Davidson', but it only took about 10 seconds for me to understand that NODA is the trendiest neighbourhood in Charlotte. It was kind of like a real-life Wonderland and I was Alice...only not a damsel and definitely not in that get-up. 

Alternative playlists fill coffee shops that smell like sandalwood. Each building is covered with street art and political murals. The people inside every shop are warm and friendly. Every block was colourful. 

As soon as I stepped into Smelly Cat Coffee Shop, I knew this was my as close to 'my kind of space' as I would find in the industrial city of Charlotte, a city I didn't love in any real way. Parking everywhere was a nightmare, the streets aren't well-marked, and there isn't anything to see that was really up my alley or sparked my interest {except the skyline}. I'd say it was anti-climatic until NODA. 

NODA would be a singular reason for me to come back to Charlotte. I could have visited breweries and coffee shops, shopped the boutique and vintage racks, and walked around the art galleries all day long. 

Charlotte wasn't love, but NODA was pretty stinkin' close. Let's call it a passionate affair?! Even as much of an adventure as Alice had, she left technicolour Wonderland. Even as much excitement as I felt stumbling into NODA, I left happily on the open road back to the other Carolina.