Let's be clear: Metamorphosis is just another word for transformation. Metalmorphosis is a statue in Charlotte.

The art installation, located on the outskirts of the city, is of a head. Just a head over a reflecting pool, simple. From every angle, it looks a tiny bit different. This is due in part to the layers of steel that move intermittently. The view changes, but it's still a shiny head over a pool of water. 

What a metaphor for life, huh?

Life moves. But, I think it's imperative to understand that even when things are in a state of transformation, when they look different from new perspectives or a varying angle...they can still be magic, maybe even more magic than they were before. Metamorphosis isn't about the dissolution of something once beautiful, it's about that beautiful something evolving further. 

Metamorphosis is a big word for change. Something transforming. And Metalmorphosis is a statue in Charlotte. 

One is a pretty badass reminder of the other.