Airlie Gardens

I've wanted to make the trip to Wilmington since I first found out that it was where the teenage soap of my adolescent-hood, Dawson's Creek, was filmed. However, most of my travels have taken me to different international destinations or to major cities in the U.S., so I never made any real effort or had the time to stop by 'Capeside.'

So, when the long MLK weekend arrived I took the opportunity to finally make the pilgrimage. And Wilmington did not disappoint. Especially not Airlie Gardens. It was a kind of intangible beauty, even during its off peak season. 

As I walked around the quiet gardens, I couldn't help but feel reflective. I've been back in the U.S. 40 days exactly today. It's felt like a lifetime and also like no time at all. The life I had in Asia seems so vivid in my memory and also like it never happened, same as the life I had in New Zealand and in England. Like beautiful, intangible, unbelievable memories of a life I can't seem to believe I've really lived. 

Walking around in the same place where scenes from a television series were once filmed made reality feel even more...strange?...which I didn't think was possible as it feels as good and odd as ever lately. 

Airlie Gardens has a $9 admission fee for adults, but it's only $5 for those with a military I.D. It may not be free, but it's dreamy and worth it. Also worth it: patience. Patience pays off in a really, really big way :)