c'est la vie

Last Sunday {post-motorbike lesson/close call}, I found myself spending another unbelievably hot Sunday re-exploring LPB. This time, however, I borrowed Leyla's bicycle and pedaled around the more ritzy side of town. The side of town where you can more easily spot the lasting French influence. 

Beautiful shuttered windows, balconies with sitting areas, and cafes line the main street of the city. This is the same street where the night market resides. Popping in and out of the many boutiques selling Lao cotton scarves, handwoven sinhs, jewelry, and spa packages one could easily lose track of time. 

Leyla was not only responsible for my borrowed mode of transportation last Sunday, but she is also the person who introduced me to Le Banneton French Cafe and Bakery. Fresh salads, pesto vegetarian paninis, true black iced coffees, and NO WIFI. 


You can sit there, enjoy your meal, and not be distracted by the internet or others on their laptops. It's just a precious place for people to eat delicious French pastries in absolute peace. 

And that is just what I did on Sunday. Hungry and needing a little cool down under the inviting fans in Le Banneton, I parked the bike and found my bottom a seat. 

Le Banneton is a bit pricier than other places in town. By that, I mean that instead of a $2.50 meal {my average on the side of town that I live on}, the meal pictured above from Le Banneton {black iced coffee, pesto veggie panini, side salad with vinaigrette} cost me roughly $6. Everyone deserves a weekend treat though, amirite?

It's also on the "French" side of town, remember? So despite the temple across the road from Le Banneton and the tuk tuks that are parked along the cafe lined street, I sometimes feel myself drifting into "Parisian Tara" state of mind. I get lost. Like, maybe I'm in Laos, but as soon as I bite into their croissants I could just as easily be back in Chamonix? 

C'est la vie, as the French say. This. Is. The. Life.