don't let it get to your head, aye?!

I have drafted, edited, and scraped approximately 13,989,898 variations of this post.  A post about what it's like to live with the same people you work with, whom you also eat, exercise, cruise the night market, and watch Beyonce's visual albums with. 

The problem is, I have such admiration for all the people I work with, most especially Luke and Dora {the two people who live in a row of rooms next to mine}, that I don't want to make it sound like my relationships with these people are too simple or in-genuine in any way. Dora is one of the kindest and most positive people I have ever met, and Luke is...a pretty decent human being, I suppose. 

I decided over Indian food last night that I would save the sappy, complex post {imagine that, an emotional post} for later. Instead, I have made a list of what roles Luke and Dora have played in my life here thus far. 

1. Gym Accountability Partners. 

Every morning at 6 a.m., Dora and Luke go to the gym. In an attempt to get my best body back, I have joined them three days a week for starters. I am buying my full Mr. Big Muscles Gym membership next week!! While I've been hitting the treadmill, squatting, and doing my meek attempts at push-ups, Luke has been motivating me with words of encouragement like "You want to look better than Becky with the good hair!" {emotional motivation based on an inside joke about a girl who has been pretty horrible} or "Do it for Abel, Tara!" {my celebrity crush, a.k.a The Weeknd}. 

2. Beer Lao Buddies.

We are all saving as much as we can here, and that means splitting two big Beer Laos between the three of us at dinner. Also, my alcohol tolerance. 

3. Film/Television Show Critics.

Luke didn't like Lemonade...but plays the studio album on repeat. Him and Dora both were not fans of O'Brother, Where Art Thou? I am the only one of us three who doesn't enjoy Sailor Moon, or whatever that one weird Japanese cartoon was they made me sit through. We all recommend Black Mirror. It's nice to sit in our spots in Luke's room and unwind with a movie of an evening. 

4. Dance Party Accomplices.

This is mostly Luke, actually. He strangely is always bopping his head, gesturing with his hands, or lip-syncing...usually to Kanye West, though we aim to better his musical taste over the year. 

5. Sounding Board. 

In my attempts to create workshops for the girls' classes, it has been so good to have Luke and Dora to bounce ideas off of. It's also been invaluable to have their help in adjusting things that maybe aren't working just right and celebrate with me when they are. Knowing I am more lead by my heart, the pair of them have been incredible at giving me a dose of pragmatism regarding any area of my life when I need it. 

6. Confidantes. 

It goes without saying that when you live in close vicinity to a person, you have deep conversations. In a setting like Laos, I am extra reflective. I also feel things deeper here, as I've said previously. Dora and I have had girls nights with red wine from Books + Tea spent discussing our "other lives." Everything from how we like to dress, what we like in our male counterparts, and our relationships with our family. Luke and I have had some shockers. Having known Luke since we both volunteered together last year, I opened up to him right out of the gate about religion, the project, children, and other life philosophies. I so appreciate the way he listens without judgement. The three of us have had many open and honest conversations. Our trust in each other is what I value most. 

7. Family. 

It's a fucking cliche, and Luke is going to roll his eyes and probably make fun of me for the months to come, but it's true. I don't have my Kiwi family {though, shout out to those who have messaged daily and Skyped since my arrival, you da real MVPs} or my American loved ones {miss you lot} here obviously, so it is important for me to have people I can count on for anything.

8. Creepy-Thingy Hunter

This has been added, because just now I screamed 'Luuuuukkkkeee!!!' and both him and Dora came rushing to my bedroom as I stood on my tiptoes in my doorway. A spider the size of my face {and I have a really big face} was hanging above my bed. Could be poisonous, Luke says probably not...I'm not willing to risk it. He hunted it down {to no avail} with his shower sandal and Dora hunched in the door frame by my side for moral support. I don't like killing things, but if it had to be me or the {probably} deadly spider, I'd prefer it was the spider. Nothing personal. 

All of that being said, Luke and Dora if you both are reading this {doubt it}, don't let it get to your head, aye?! The next time either of you makes me watch a terrible movie or turns off the hallway light without my consent, I'll take all of these kind words back. Got it? Good.