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If you are ever in Atlanta, Georgia and find yourself wondering what to do, may I suggest visiting the World of Coca-Cola? Okay. Consider it suggested. 

I found a steal of a ticket {in terms of international tickets bought three weeks prior to departure go} with the catch being a late night flight out of Atlanta. Atlanta is only a few hours drive from where my parents now live, so I booked it and my mother graciously offered to make it a day trip before saying our teary good-byes. 

We had limited time, but we decided that the World of Coca-Cola was the highest on our Atlanta must-see list! The fact that the weather couldn't decide if it wanted to be 90 degrees and sunny or 90 degrees and rainy only helped our case for a day indoors. 

We parked {$10 flat rate}, purchased our tickets {$16 for adults}, and made our way inside where we were given our first complimentary Coca-Cola and a brief history of the brand. 

The first 15 minutes of the tour is guided. After the brief history lesson, you are brought into a theater where they play a 6 minute movie about love and sharing happiness. Sounds totally cheesy, but I totally ate that shit up. I welled up multiple times during the short film, seriously. 

After the movie, your visit becomes self-guided. My mom and I visited all but one exhibit and found each one interesting and unique. Inside the vault, you can learn how Coca-Cola has kept their formula a secret all these years and you can peep the actual vault where the full recipe for Coca-Cola is held safe from imitators {amen to that tho}! 

There is also a 4D theater experience, complete with a ferret trying to figure out the secret formula for Coke {like S's dream come true}. The moving seats were as hilarious as the acting! 

IMG_0734 (1100x733).jpg

I don't drink soda often, so the "Tasting Room" was a real treat, but also gave me a massive sugar rush! It was fun to see the different Coca-Cola products that are available around the world. Each continent {minus Antarctica, obviously}, has a pillar with fountains of soda from countries within it. You are asked to reuse your same plastic cup, which is a nice touch, and there are recycling bins around the room. 

Some I had never tried, some I got to experience again! Inca Kola from Peru as well as almost all of the European beverages and a few of the Asian beverages represented. The African fountain left me even more motivated to check out the continent {will be my 6th!!} someday. 

Beej and I had the best time walking through the many exhibits and laughed particularly hard at the polar bear mascot {from the classic commercials} that you could take your picture with-- honestly, creepiest mascot ever. We both agreed it was high bang for your buck too, which never hurts. My only real note of caution would be to prepare for crowds. We went on a Wednesday afternoon and it was packed with other people who had the same idea! 

Now, off to Orlando after massive weather-induced flight delays and way too much carbonation. Wish me luck on my 23 hour layover in...Florida. Yuck.