who run the world? girls.

I think the term 'feminism' gets thrown around a lot. Same with 'women's empowerment.' I don't want this post to be political. I'm not feeling political tonight. Tonight, I am feeling overwhelmingly grateful and absolutely in awe. 

I work with a group of women who have survived unfathomable atrocities. Sexual exploitation, rape, assault, domestic violence-- some of them as young as 9. I tell you this not so that you feel pity for them, but so that you can marvel at how each of them is such an example of strength and grace. 

Today, we went for a walk to the football field after class to celebrate it being Friday. And also to celebrate life, because their lives so deserve celebration. 

Watching them play competitively, laughing with massive smiles across their faces...I wanted to cry. I admire them on such a level. How could anyone feel sad for themselves or stressed about their minor problems when these girls {and they are young enough to call them girls} have been down the rabbit hole and climbed back up it in one piece, grateful and loving as can be? It puts the whole world into perspective.  

I wish I could show you photos of their bright and smiling faces. I wish you could look in their bright eyes like I get to and see how much hope they possess. But I can't. For their own protection, it's best I don't. 

When Grace and I taught a class of them last year, I felt like I knew what I was supposed to be doing with my life. I found something I was fucking good at that also felt good to be doing. 

So, here I am.  Because of them. Like all the best people in my life, they make me a stronger person. I am unafraid of anything because of them. They are my heroes. They have saved me from ever feeling like a victim of anything. 

You can call me a feminist and mean it negatively. You can tell me I'm a white woman from a place where inequalities don't exist {ha! ohhhhhkayyy...}. But you can't tell me that educating and supporting women isn't important. They are important. 

I would not have found my purpose without them. For that, I owe them this year. For that, I owe them everything I can possibly give. 

Who run the world? Honestly...white men with money...but my girls have already taken on the evil on this earth. And you know what guys? They've slayed it.