I am the walrus

I made my way sans umbrella to Abbey Road passing by Warwick Avenue on the way to meet Tash after a wrecking departure from S. Any Duffy fans out there? No. Okay, fine then. Moving right along. 

I found Tash waiting for me near the all too famous Abbey Road crossing. Immediately, I thought of Mrs. Gulbranson. I once had a teacher in middle school who was obsessed with the Beatles. Her favorite song was 'I am the Walrus." And, guys, it makes no fucking sense. Like, none. But when I think of the Beatles, I think of that shit storm of a song and its lyrical nonsense. 

I only took a handful of blurry photos at Abbey Road. Mostly, because it was more hilarious to watch other people try to get the perfect shot while nearly being run over. Also, because the place where everyone gets their photo taken isn't actually the crossing from the album cover. That one is the second crossing further down.

Also, I didn't feel much like walking back and forth evading death-by-taxi for a picture. 

Tash and I caught a bus to Camden. Weirdos flocked. People watching commenced. We were a longgggg way from Kensington, but, hey, a place for every people, amirite?

Camden Market was filled with people looking at the art, jewelry, handmade crafts, and even NEW ZEALAND GREENSTONE for sale. Tash and I enjoyed looking at it all, but realized with so many people in such narrow lanes between sale stalls we wouldn't get the chance for a real conversation. 

And what goes better with real conversation than beer and pizza? Answer: nothing. Beer and pizza is a much more Tara/Tash situation than the market. Since the afternoon had turned soggy and gray, we headed to one of the most colorful places in London-- Neal's Yard. 

We found shelter from the rain at a pizzeria called Homeslice. The line when we arrived was out the door, so naturally we assumed it would be good. 

It. Was. Delicious. I had the mushroom, ricotta, and chili sauce slice then thought...why have one when you can have two. So I ordered a margherita slice to go with. No complaints or disappointments. 

It was so good to see my girl, Tash, again. To drink a pint and eat all the food and laugh at the power going out at the pizzeria with her. 

creepy af^

creepy af^

I don't say often enough how much of a rock she's been over the last few years. Not only does she make a grade A traveling companion, but she's genuinely one of the best all-around people I have ever met. And she's easily the best friend a girl could ever ask for.

We made our way to Piccadilly to say a proper British farewell to London. 

We left London and headed to Swallowfield for a sleepover, which you saw if you follow me on Snapchat. A night in the Swallows was followed by a morning taxi ride to London Heathrow where another 'see you later' was said, tears and all. 

Despite the heartbreaking good-byes and rain on my last afternoon, my return to London was absolutely perfect. My meet-ups with everyone were wonderful moments I now have in my pocket carried with me on the road.  I am reminded that even when I'm moving to a far side of the world, I'm surrounded by amazing friends and incredible love. 

Here's to Laos, guys xx Goo goo gachu