Chel"see" you later

The morning came. S and I had a half day left together and we wanted to spend it in the London sunshine while it lasted. Off we went for breakfast in Chelsea.

On our way to a cafe, we stopped by Bywater Street. It was a place I had never been, but that I had seen slathered across Instagram. I was so excited when S mentioned it {all on his own}! He totally nailed it. Almost like he knows me well or something... ;)

The clouds started to appear over the pastel colored buildings. S navigated us to a nearby cafe, seeking breakfast as cover from the rain. Any excuse for more food, right? 

Master navigator 

Master navigator 

We found ourselves in an odd wee place called A Wanted Man with a cafe on the ground level and a beauty waxing bar on the second level. 

With a late breakfast in our bellies, it was time to say good-bye. You'd think as many times as we've done this, for as many years as we have, that it might get easier. S kindly reminded me, as he always does, that it's not "good-bye", but rather "see you later!"

Can you spot me? Hint, I'm the obnoxious girl near the light post. 

Can you spot me? Hint, I'm the obnoxious girl near the light post. 

I gave him a thousand kisses at the crosswalk and began walking frantically. My whole heart tugged at me to go back. I wanted to run back around towards him and keep my hands under his jacket and for us to stay right there for a little while longer.

A ways down the sidewalk, I turned around and saw him standing there looking at me in the rain. We had both turned back around. We looked at one another for a while longer and then turned away again, continuing to walk on our paths, hoping that someday sooner rather than in a year they might converge again. 

I ask the universe every night before bed for us to not have to say "see you later" anymore. I beg. 

It was raining. I couldn't get my umbrella to get its act together, so I just sulked in the rain the next few blocks. And as much as I wished to turn back around a second time, I knew I needed to just have faith that the galaxies and stars would continue to align, hopefully in our favor. He had work, I had Laos. 

I also had Tash waiting for me at Abbey Road. Thank God for her.