To Kensington, Jeeves

Aww yes, Kensington. The true opposite of Shoreditch {where we had spent our morning} and fancier even still than any of the many neighborhoods and districts we had walked through earlier that afternoon.

It is perhaps the poshest and richest side of London. Without a doubt a photographer's dream come true. The people in Kensington are, however, considerably cold towards twenty-somethings, as it is assumed they haven't "made it" yet. 

And we really haven't. Not by Kensington standards anyway. 

Our first {and really only} order of business was to explore his London neighborhood {yes, the one and only Kensington} in all its majesty. He wanted to show me some special spots he regulars.  

It may be lacking in street art and Bohemia, but Kensington's classic color palette is sophistication all the way. You truly feel like you are in London. 

"I have something I think you'll like, especially for the blog," S said grabbing my hand and leading me down a side street, where I found my very first Mews...that I can remember at least.

These cobblestone streets are lined with homes, some of which were once old stables that have now been renovated into houses. 

I don't think I'm quite poncy enough for Kensington, though I absolutely love the aesthetics of the place. I'm more Posh Spice, less Kate Middleton, ya dig? 

Just kidding. We all know I only wish I was as cool as Victoria Beckham was back in the day...but I digress. 

We continued to weave from sidewalk to sidewalk until we walked around Royal Albert Hall and decided to stop for a quick ice cream from a Mr. Whippy truck. 

That's when we realized we were {somehow} hungry again. S suggested we work up an appetite via a walk to dinner through Kensington Gardens passing by Kensington Palace. I was on board and happy just to be walking along with him.