'S' is for Shoreditch + soup snakes

S met me at Victoria Station at nearly midnight after I made my way post-cocktails on the tube. Typically I'm an early-to-bed-early-to-rise kinda gal, but for him I was more than willing to make an exception. 

Since it was so late, we headed straight to our accommodation and settled in for sleep. Tired as I was, I couldn't help but be buzzing with excitement about our plans for the coming day!

The morning came and we were off early to Shoreditch to make progress on our list of things to do together. First was a cafe I had stumbled upon via Instagram. As we walked from the tube station passed the bountiful street art that the trendy area is known for, we played art critics and pointed out which murals we liked and which we weren't fond of. 

Paper & Cup is a not-for-profit coffee shop and book store that I had been dying to try out since I found out it existed and booked my original ticket back to London. It offers a cheap cup of tea or a latte and also has inexpensive pastries and books {both hard and paper back copies}. 

I ordered a tea and S ordered us a spinach and ricotta pastry to share {we agreed we would need something more substantial than what they had to offer for breakfast later}. The woman and the man behind the counter were very kind to us and took our order in polite, British fashion. As we sat down, however, they began to bicker and fight and we tried our hardest not to laugh. The lady even threatened to walk out for whatever reason. It went along these lines:

"If something's wrong, I'm gonna tell ya it's wrong," the woman barked. "Go ahead and walk out then," replied the heavily pierced man. "Right, call Robert and tell him I'm leaving!"

As we fought off laughter, we turned around to find that the woman and man had apparently made up and were acting like best friends once more. It was the strangest thing, and the fact that it happened in the cutest, quaintest cafe made it all the more hilarious. 

Unfortunately, we {mostly S} had rumbling bellies and needed heavier breakfast fare than our pastry, delicious as it was {and it was delicious, guys}. We left to find a second cafe for second breakfast. 

That's when we found Attendant, a cafe filled with hanging plants and green subway tile. Each table has its own cactus and I wished I could have stolen the light fixtures and put them in my own place...if I had my own place...which I don't really...

I had the avocado toast with chili flakes and a poached egg. S had a breakfast called the "Middle Eastern." We sort of poked about and tried each others' meals continuing the always interesting conversation-- the kind of conversation you want for the rest of your life. Soup snakes conversation.

If you don't know what soup snakes are, or only have a faint idea thanks to Mindy Kaling or The Office, I might explain in a later post. Though, probably not. 

waiting for food with a worried, but still handsome look on his face. 

waiting for food with a worried, but still handsome look on his face. 

The food tour didn't stop there. Oh no, we kind of made a food day of it. And I have zero complaints. We headed to Shoreditch Market after our second breakfast and found ourselves free samples of garlic naan. S managed to walk by the woman three times grabbing two pieces each time and no one said anything. We are massive Indian food fans, S and I. It's kind of funny how when you create relationships with people you also create association with them and certain things. Indian food is one of the long list of many things that is "ours" in my mind. 

We also scored free Lipton iced tea samples! Pretty average, but whoop for free! 

Before leaving the market in Shoreditch, we grabbed Crosstown donuts {because, donuts}. Each picking one, we took them on our way to the Borough Market. I didn't realize my Creme Brulee donut came with Vanilla Bean cream filling. Neither of us enjoyed the filling and his donut was dry.

Typically it would be sad, having a donut let you down. But, I was with S on a sunny day in London, walking hand in hand past historic building and landmarks, laughing as a chubby kid played with a banana. 

And off to Borough Market we walked. In search of more food truck grub. 

Aw, heaven.