Rocko's Modern {art} Life

S and I had eaten our way through Shoreditch and slowly made it to Borough Market for vegetable samosas he assured were worth the walk. The skies started to darken and it began to look as if it would sprinkle down rain in a matter of minutes. Typical English weather, aye?

Not hungry, but always up for Indian food, we found the vendor and got in line. I let him hold our place while I went to talk to the Colombian Coffee Co. about how they brew their coffee and where they roast their beans, etc. 

We ate our food and watched the many people in the market. We began walking around the Globe, snapping photos like I hadn't seen any of it before. Then, it started raining. We took cover in the Tate Modern, a museum for modern art. And I don't know how we didn't get kicked out. 

As a general rule, I am not into modern art. It is just not my thing. I experienced this in NYC with Keegan and Tash at the Guggenheim. The Tate Modern was no different. S and I had to stop looking at each other multiple times, because we had the onset of immense laughter and could not keep ourselves together. 

Genuinely, I tried to find appreciation for the odd things I saw. But when there is a plain, white canvas hanging on the wall and that's 1) considered art and 2) worth millions of dollars...I can't handle it. Call me uncultured. Call me thick. I wish I understood it, I do. But I simply haven't been gifted with a head for that. 

We did find the 10th story deck views of the city below at the Tate to be pretty killer. Soon the rain passed and we left the museum and its art, taking in the the views on a street level. 

You really wouldn't have known it poured rain while we were inside looking at the art exhibits. The sky was blue almost exactly until we reached the tube station and heading to Kensington, so that S could show me his favorite spots.  

But seriously, guys, as soon as we reached the tube it pissed down. Impeccable timing, London! We'll take it.