London by Moon{light}

I met Will Moon while volunteering in Laos last year {shit comes full circle, am I right?} and knew if I could manage to meet up with him it would be trouble...and a lot of fun. 

Will is a massive character with a matching stature, towering above me at 6"2'. He's never without a joke or hilarious anecdote from the previous day. We talked about politics, postgraduate degrees, relationships-- the lot. 

I scurried from Notting Hill to Covent Garden via tube. Right on time, I spotted a giant among the crowd and quickly ran over to him. We exchanged hugs and 'Can you believe we're both here right now?!' then began to walk to our dinner location. 

Will's sister is a London local, so Will had asked where a good Covent Garden dinner could be found and she suggested Wahaca,  a Mexican restaurant not  far from the tube station. 

It had been almost exactly a year since he had seen me last and, as expected of anyone, he had forgotten I was a vegetarian. Upon the waiter's recommendation we ordered a meal consisting of samplers to share {called the 'Adventure Feast'} rather that separate entrees-- a good majority of which were carnivorous. Will repeatedly offered me the second chicken quesadilla and when I continued to decline it, his eyes grew big and round "I am an absolute muppet! You're vegetarian!" We both laughed and Will ate the second quesadilla.

I can, however, firmly add Wahaca on my list of recommendations as their sweet potatoes, fried honey cornbread with chili sauce, guacamole, and avocado street tacos were delicious. 

What was intended as a catch up and dinner soon turned into cocktail hour. I had mentioned to Will that Simon didn't get in from Vienna, Austria until 11:00 p.m. and so he kindly suggested we grab a drink and continue the evening. Our first stop was a bar around the corner from Wahaca called Adventure Bar.

The bar had dim lighting, 80s music, and an underground-esque interior. It was happy hour, so we grabbed 2 for 1 cocktails and discussed my position in Laos and how I felt about returning.

Soon, the cocktails we had ordered were empty. Will had been to another bar with his mates the previous weekend just a tube ride away called The Breakfast Club that functioned as a regular cafe unless you know a password to enter a secret bar downstairs.

Will gave the password to me and we were taken through the refrigerator sitting in the middle of the place down a flight of stairs to an underground speakeasy. Cafe onlookers were shocked as we passed through the secret entrance.  I felt like Borat 'King of the castle! King of the castle!'

We began talking about rugby, specifically Julian Savea, and time flew. If you know me, you know that two cocktails and a beer were plenty to have me in a buzzy mood. We finished  at the secret bar with me trying Prince William's drink of choice {at Will's suggestion} and promptly spitting it up. Nasty. 

I still had a few hours to kill before S arrived at Victoria Station, where we would be meeting. Will and I walked around as the sun started setting and made our way to a tented area with food trucks and pop-up bars. The France versus Portugal game was on a projector and the atmosphere from the crowd was full-on. Neither of us being much for football, we finished off a pair of Coronas and pretended to cheer on whatever team was on screen at the moment. 

We soon realized we were sitting on a table that true football fans were using to like, eat their food. Off we went again. Full on Mexican cuisine and alcohol, we walked to the Tower Bridge and looked at the Shard lit up next to the moon. 

Our paths diverged at the Monument tube station where I headed off for another big meet-up and Will made his way home. The world can be a big place with much too much going on, but it's a comfort to know that I have people in the far corners of it to spend unplanned evenings with. 

As sad as it was to say good-bye to Will, I couldn't help but feel over the moon {ha!} to FINALLY see someone I hadn't hugged in nearly seven months-- which is about seven months too long in my book.