southern comfort

South Carolina didn't disappoint on the weather front. It was gloriously sunny the last two days and the heat was as sticky as I remembered. I have given up on our Carolina friends understanding the perks of snow and colder temps, and have, instead, surrendered to bare shoulders. Humidity is something I will be living in for the long while anyway, so it was good practice for the sweat I'll be succumbing to here soon.  

During the pitstop on long journey to the other side of the world, my mother and I decided that the dogs deserved a puppy pool! I was so excited, though I knew from Poppy's first experience swimming at the lake that she would not be impressed. 

My prediction was correct and Poppy spent the evening on the grass and let the peasant {which is what she calls Frank} play in the pool. 

Nothing beats sitting in the sun while you watch your dog avoid the water at all costs, while your parents' dog takes full advantage, splashing like a loose unit. It made me so relaxed finally being out of the car and being around family {four-legged friends included}. Being back in the southern part of the US felt easy over my short, two-day stay. I think I'm going to miss it all terribly {except maybe not the heat}. 

South Carolina was a foreign experience the first time. Fresh off the plane from months of traveling, it was strange trying to call this place home when I'd never been here before. This second swing through seemed entirely different. 

On the drive down, all I felt was anxiety. This move is a big one, particularly because of the nature of the work I will be doing and the challenges that come with life in a developing country. This project is personal for me, so the idea that I could ever do anything that might mess it up terrifies me. However, upon arrival here in South Carolina and after Poppy snuggles, I feel like my heart is finally not nervous. I am made for this and I am comforted in knowing that. 

Two days or twenty days, it didn't matter. My time with Beej, Poppy, Frank and the Southern scenery was all the comfort I needed before catching my plane in Atlanta. 

Off to Orlando after a day at Coca-Cola world! But, more on that later.