bye-bye, Big Sky

It's getting more and more real-- I'm leaving Montana. Wow. 

I took one last trek out to the River's Edge trail Monday evening, despite my sunburnt skin causing quite the bout of lethargy. I watched the Missouri River flow as people were fishing with their children, straight outta a River Runs Through It. The sun was absolutely gleaming. 

There is a lot that will be missed about Montana and the Western world in general. Some of it is important, like the people and the clean water. Some of it is about as materialistic as it could ever get, like the ease of online shopping. But, it is honest to say I will miss the Grey's Anatomy binge-sessions with Lyndsay and our quality time together. Mackenzie River's Thai pizza, really all pizza. The air, guys. The air in Montana is different-- it's fresher here. Crooked Tree cold brew and the friendly faces who greet you there as soon as you walk through the door. Mostly, I'll miss the views. Montana plays the scenery game hard and right. 

Whenever I leave any place I've made a little bit like home, I miss the sentimental bits of that life. However, I always feel better having left behind the unnecessary parts. I once had a friend tell me that his philosophy is that if it doesn't make him a better person, he tries to do without, and I am taking that with me.

With every good-bye comes a hello, and for that I could not be more excited. Laos, guys. We're going to Laos. Not to play the part of the "wanderer", but to be there. To really be there. And, hopefully, to do some good.

Bye-bye, Big Sky. Thank you for being raw and real and the things I needed after last year's seemingly endless adventures. You will be sorely missed. 

You and pizza, of course.